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Bella Ballroom is the top-rated, award-winning dance studio in Orange County that has helped over 1,000 couples and individuals prepare to wow the crowd for their most special moments.

Since 2009 we’ve been making dancing fun because it’s supposed to be!

Our expert instructors are the best dance partners you could ask for. They’ll lead you at your own pace to a rhythm you never knew you had.


Our wedding day was magical, from beginning to end, everything was just as we hoped for and much more! We got so many compliments on our dance…we executed it perfectly thanks to you! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Nadia & Peter – Beverly Wilshire Wedding in Beverly Hills, CA

One of the best decision for our wedding day was to take lessons for our first dance. First off, we did a lot of research about our first dance…It’s impossible to learn just looking at videos without professional help. So we went to Bella Ballroom…and all of our family and friends LOVED our first dance. I would highly recommend Bella Ballroom Dance Studio hands-down! THANK YOU!!

Clare & Ron – Ritz Carlton Wedding in Dana Point, CA

I was lucky to take dance lessons with both my now husband and father to prepare for my wedding. Tayler was always upbeat and encouraging and kept a smile on our faces even when we struggled. It was nice that she was able to choreograph two very different dances for us. I can’t count the number of compliments we all received on our dancing skills after the wedding. I highly recommend Bella Ballroom!

Stephanie & Justin – Wedding Dance – Newport Beach, CA
First Dance

Thank you! We truly enjoyed our big day and we received so many compliments on our dance…We had so much fun. Once we have everything settled we will reach out for a couple more dance lessons!

Holly & Dennis – Tivoli Too Wedding in Laguna Beach, CA

Everything was fantastic! The dance went off without a hitch and my dress wasn’t an issue at all. We just went nice and slow and everything worked out perfectly! Thank you so much for the kind words! We are both so happy we put the time in to learn our dance, it made our day that much more special! I have a feeling we will be back to learn some new moves once everything calms down. Thank you!

Cristina & Shawn – Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding in San Marcos, CA


Our Diffference


From weddings, to anniversaries, to retirement parties, our most treasured memories (and greatest photo ops!) happen on the dance floor! Bella Ballroom cherishes the opportunity to be a part of your big moments and help you to make them perfect.


Above all, dancing was made to move you. It’s an expression of your passion, and shouldn’t be a source of stress. At Bella Ballroom, we move with this in mind, working to minimize intimidation, maximize your progress, and help you to have fun dancing!

That being said, while anyone can teach you to have fun on the dance floor, only a professional can truly teach a level of dancing proficiency in a limited amount of time. Bella Ballroom’s experienced instructors let you have fun and help make your event a success. Trust Bella to give you the results you’re after!


It’s our belief that the best type of instruction comes to meet you where you are. To this end, we tailor lessons around the needs of each individual client. Clients love the individualized attention that they receive. The results? Amazing dancing in significantly less time.

How do we do it? Each Bella Ballroom instructor is trained in our signature high-touch methodology to focus on attainable results. We communicate well both on and off the dance floor, ensuring that you get the guidance you need to shine on your special day.

We’re the #1 dance studio in Orange County for a reason.

Don’t take our word for it, check out these testimonials from our super-satisfied students.

Jennelle Wax


Our Founder

Jennelle Wax

Jennelle is a certified, nationally recognized dancer and instructor specializing in ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing. In 2009, Jenelle founded Bella Ballroom with the intention of making dance instruction intuitive, less intimidating, and a stress-free part of wedding planning. She wanted dancing to be easily accessible to everyday people who would probably not be dancing if it weren’t for their special event, thus maintains Bella Ballroom as the supportive, patient, approachable and fun environment that it is.

Jennelle has had the pleasure to work with many A-List celebrities as a dancer and as their dance teacher. She regularly performs for celebrity events, fundraisers, and private parties throughout Southern California, and her dynamic performing skills and easy-going approach to dance instruction have been featured extensively.

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I hope my passion for my industry never changes, and I know it never will. I believe we are making the world a better place.

Couples tell us Bella was the absolute BEST part of their wedding planning. Those lessons were the longest time they’ve gone without their phones besides sleeping. They learned more about each other through their dancing than most anything else. People tell us we’ve changed their lives: they were shy, scared or lonely before they started dancing and now they’re not. They thought they were bad dancers, turns out they’re not so bad, and they wonder what else they could try in their lives.

They leave the studio happier and I just know that they bring that happiness into all of their interactions that day.