Wedding Dance FAQ

Q: When should we begin our wedding dance lessons?

A: We recommend starting your dance classes 2-5 months before your wedding date. If you are planning to learn multiple dances or a more involved first dance, we recommend starting 6-12 months prior to your wedding.

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We know the Orange County wedding culture like no other! Bella Ballroom graduates have held their weddings at some of Orange County’s finest and most distinguished locales, and share their feedback for your benefit!

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First Dance Songs

For some couples, choosing a First Dance song can be an exciting, but challenging task. Below is a list of some great First Dance songs to help make this task for our wedding couples a little easier! While this is not exclusive list of First Dance song choices, our goal is to create a good “starting point” for those couples looking for a little guidance with

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Father Daughter Dance

A big modern tradition on the big wedding day is that special moment when the bride and her father have their meaningful dance together.

We’ve complied a list of songs that can be used for the Father Daughter Dance. While this is not an exhaustive list, we hope this selection of father daughter dance songs will help you select the perfect dance song for your wedding day!

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Mother / Son Dance Songs

Choosing a Mother/Son dance song is often a decision that is made at the last-minute. Do not leave this important spotlight dance to chance! The Mother Son dance is a beautiful and tender moment that is often over-looked during all of the busy wedding planning.

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