Summer Dance Shows – SYTYCD Audition 2

July 10, 2017 by

so you think you can dance audition show season fourteen episode oneSO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE AUDITIONS

From hip hop to ballroom to contemporary and everything in between, summer always promises the best in dance television. One of the hottest summer dance shows is So You Think You Can Dance. The show is in it’s fourteenth season and twelfth year running on Fox

If you missed the second episode of auditions check out the recap below of our favorite performances. Who do you think will come out as America’s favorite dancer in the end?

Tristan Jensen ballroom samba dance audition


20 years old & 19 years old

Provo, UT

Tristan and Jensen were the first audition of the night and set a great tone for the rest of the show. Before the dance even begins the viewers already fall in love with Jensen, the cute bubbly blonde of the duo. If she looks familiar it’s because she’s the younger sister of a previous competitor on the show, Lindsey Arnold. They even audition in the same dress! The duo, not couple as they clearly state, perform a fierce samba routine for the judges. Although the connection between the two was not as strong as some would hope, they made it through to the Academy with their skillful ballroom routine.

Sade Keinu Auustin Hip Hop dance audition


21 years old

Brooklyn, NY

Sade has been dancing since the age of two which is no surprise as she was raised by quite the skilled parents. Her dad was once a choreographer for Michael Jackson and her mom for Mariah Carey! Sade definitely got their dancing genes because she came out with a fierce hip hop / whacking routine. After her audition Nigel calls her mom up on stage to perform with her then adding to the memory by sending Sade through to the Academy!

Matthew Deloch contemporary ballet dance audition


18 years old

Gonzalez, LA

As a child you never would have thought he would be on the show today. Matthew’s grandmother put him into dance at the young age of 2 and would cry every class until 8 years old. At 12 he began to attend a performing arts studio and finally began to open up to dance. It is very evident that Matthew has such a strong training background as his ballet technique shines through in his audition. He impresses the judges with his seventeen pirouette record and sent straight to the Academy!


Blessin Giraldo step dance so you think you can dance audition season twelve


18 years old

Baltimore, MD

Blessin is something of a blessing herself. The young 18 year old grew up in a lot of poverty filled with drug and gun abuse. She wanted something more for herself and discovered Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. At an event she came across people yelling and stomping in rhythm; she instantly fell in love with dance. She approached her school principal to begin a step team but little did she know that she would be creating so much more for so many young women in the area. It created a will for them to push beyond their boundaries and struggles. Blessin put all of her fire and passion on the stage for the judges during her audition. With her not having technical training the judges don’t know how she’ll do in the competition, but they love her drive so send her to the choreography round. Unfortunately, she did not make it through to the Academy, however, Nigel did welcome her entire step team to perform on the show!


Stay tuned throughout the summer as we follow So You Think You Can Dance and keep you informed from a dancer’s prospective. If any of the routines cause inspiration we can even help you get ready for next season’s auditions! Here’s to hoping a ballroom dancer will win the title of America’s Favorite Dancer. Next up, The Academy!!