5 Untraditional Wedding Trends, That You Must Have At Your Wedding.

July 29, 2022 by
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From finding something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new; Wedding traditions have been viewed as the dealbreaker that will make or break a marriage. Seeing how following traditions doesn’t guarantee a life long union, here’s a list of 5 untraditional wedding trends that will become a must have on your check list. Brought to you by Bella Ballroom Dance Studio.

  1. Getting ready with your partner the day of the wedding.

One of the most well known wedding traditions, is the act of the groom/bride not seeing one another 24 hours before they’re reunion at the alter. This tradition is followed by many traditional families, in fear that crossing paths before the alter will cause “bad luck” upon the marriage. In reality, getting ready with your partner can actually be a quiet comforting and pleasurable experience. It’s important to feel confident on your wedding day, so anything that helps relieve some of those wedding day jitters is always delightful.

Photo credit: Sarah Brookhart

2. Wearing a dress that isn’t white!

When the word “wedding” is mentioned, one of the first things that comes to mind is the perfect white dress and veil. The white dress tradition became a fashionable must have in the early 1840’s, and is now one of the most sought out pieces for millions of brides all over the world. In the early 2000’s, it became a movement for brides to choose other colors except white for their wedding dress. In the eyes of the traditional, women who broke the barrier were looked at as ‘rouge brides’. Your wedding day is your time to feel special. If wearing a hot pink, camouflage dress makes you feel like the princess, then you rock that dress! 

3. Walking down the aisle together

Another wedding tradition that hasn’t always sit well with the mass majority, is the act of the bride being ‘given away’ at the alter. This tradition stems back from an era before woman were looked at as individuals. Since we like to spice things up, why not walk down the aisle together? It helps defeat some of the anxiety that might arise on the big day. And will also for sure grasp the attention of your audiance.

4. Brides’ boys & grooms’ girls

We all know that the bride has her bridesmaids and the groom has his groomsmen. What if we switched the role? Some weddings have had the special brides men on her side, and the grooms women on his side. A nice way to shake things up and have your wedding guests on the edge of their seats.

5. Having guests sit for both the groom and bride

One of the most famous wedding traditions is the act of the wedding guests sitting while the groom walks up to the aisle, and then standing for the bride as they proceed up to the aisle. This can cause the groom to not feel as special on the big day and gives a since of favoritism towards the bride. Having guests sit for both the groom and bride will make the ceremony feel well balances, and also allow for the guests to get a good look at the bride!

All of these untraditional trends are a great alternative to use while creating the most comfortable and interactive environment for your big day. You will end your night full of enjoyment, as you made your day tailored to your needs, and wants. You are now prepared to challenge the old fashioned traditional culture. Good Luck! -C.G.