America’s Square Dancing Day: November 29th

November 22, 2014 by
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Grab your partner and do-si-do! November 29th is America’s Square Dance Day!

square dancing What is Square Dancing?

This folk form of entertainment is for a group of dancers. Square dancing is most typically done with four couples arranged in a square with one couple on each side facing the middle of the square. In most American forms of square dance, a directed caller cues the dancers to do movements.

Where did Square Dancing come from?

While often thought of as an American dance, square dancing roots lie in a variety of European influences. In the 17th century, teams of trained performers would present choreographed sequences known as Morris Dance. During the 18th century, the French did social dances such as the quadrille and the cotillion. In Scotland, Spain, and Scandinavia, people participated in folk dances said to have influenced square dancing. Square dancing was embraced in the United States as settlers arrived and brought their European folk dances with them. Today there are different styles of square dancing including “Western” or “Modern” square dance and “Traditional Square Dance.”

How can I celebrate?

Get in the dancing spirit and join us at Bella Ballroom to learn how to square dance, country two-step, or line dance! We offer dance lessons in Orange County, CA and we’d love to help you learn to dance!

-Article by our dance studio teacher, Ziva