Baby Boomer Dances: Competitive Ballroom Dancing

January 17, 2015 by
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Baby Boomer DancesReading an article about new trends, I came about an article that talked about the sudden inclination of the baby boomer generation to enter in competitive ballroom dancing. Once children grow up and leave the house, it is easier for couples to focus on dancing, especially if they are competing. The best thing about it is the fact that dancing is full of advantages because it keeps your mind and body young.

Some are entering competitions with professional dance teachers called Pro Am Dancesport Competitions, or with significant others or friends. And because the contests are broken down according to age and ability, the reason to get into competitive dancing at this age is even more magnified.

If you are part of this “baby-boomer” generation and looking to become involved in ballroom dancing, and even potentially competing, here is why you should:

  1. You are free of kids. Well, while you are not completely free of kids, they are no longer living with you. Therefore, you have one less responsibility, which could possibly inhibit you from wanting to pursue dancing.
  2. It is a gentle form of exercising. Dancing exercises mind and body. Not only does it keep you in shape, but it is easier on your body that other popular forms of exercise. It also keeps you sharp and improves mental function.
  3. If you are having any stress, it will reduce that stress. Dancing releases all the feel-good brain chemicals and you’re sure to feel less stressed after a dance practice.
  4. Competing is a rush. While I have never competed myself, I have heard tales of the incredible, wonderful feeling of competing and then walking off the dance floor feeling like you accomplished something amazing.
  5. There’s no excuse not to! While you could be busy, this is something that should be a fun, wonderful addition to your life. So try it out!

Article by Shelby.