Ballroom Dancing for Confidence Building

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Ballroom Dancing for Confidence Building

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Ballroom dancing lessons in Orange County, CA

There is something about the way dancers look. Because I go to Chapman University in Orange County, I am surrounded by the dance world, and no matter what, you will always find someone who dances. Maybe they’re that person in your class constantly showing up to class clad in baggy (obvious) dancer pants with a messy bun atop their head, or maybe they’re the person you always see crossing campus in skin colored tights, or maybe they’re your close personal friend, or in my case, a sorority sister. Regardless, dance is everywhere I look, maybe some of that is partially attributed to the fact that I work at a dance studio. Regardless, dancers are not just identifiable by their clothing or hair choices, but they can be identified by what seem like rays of confidence radiating off of their very beings.

Often, from what I have noticed, dancers hold themselves higher than the regular person. They seem self-assured, beautiful, fun, and somehow more fully prepared for all life has to offer. They are aware of their bodies and all the gifts that it can offer, as they know the power that lies within themselves.

While I have taken all of two Salsa classes so far during my time at Bella Ballroom Dance Studios, I can say that just learning the basics has undoubtedly improved how I feel about myself. When I can use my body to do create movements, and do something that looks aesthetically pleasing, I feel myself immediately stand taller. I cannot stop smiling, my mood improves, and even if I have some mess ups, I genuinely feel amazing about myself. It is after dancing that I realize why all the dancers I know seem so much more self-assured than the regular person.

There is just something that clicks when you dance and you are having fun. You turn into a lively and joyous person. If for no reason other than this, giving dancing a chance may just be the best thing you ever wind up doing.

–”From the Purple Chair” series from Bella Ballroom’s Office Manager, Shelby