Ballroom Dancing for Kids

December 11, 2015 by
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children ballroom dance

This week, I came across an article about several elementary schools in Minnesota that partook in a program that taught their kids how to ballroom dance. This was a new program, and the kids took away more than dance steps. 10 and 11 year olds learned how to dance tango, waltz, swing and other types of ballroom dances for 10 weeks. The program is beginning to grow due to its success. Currently there are 250 kids in the ballroom dancing for kids program, from 4 different elementary schools, and more schools want their kids in the program as well.

At first, some of the kids found it awkward, but it eventually turned into a lot of fun for them. A big challenge for the children was getting use to dancing with the opposite sex. The elementary kids learned how to dance and the dance steps. They also learned about the history of the dances by doing research and writing a paper and/or poem. The dance instructors would use food analogies to help the kids remember certain dance steps and to also help keep their attention. The dance teachers were happy with the kid’s performance and the outcome of it all. They wanted this program to focus on the life lessons of respect, elegance, and teamwork. I think they accomplished their goals with flying colors.

Towards the end of the program, the students partook in a show production, where the parents, teachers, and other classmates could see what the students had learned. It gave the students a chance to show off and know what a performance can be like. There is also a scheduled competition for the students to compete, where professional ballroom judges will judge them.

I think more schools need to follow suit from these elementary schools in Minnesota. Today’s schools are generally not focusing on the importance of physical education as much as they used to. Extra curricular activities and electives are often getting put on the back burner because more schools want to concentrate on the academic courses. Well, I think kids can learn a lot from active sports, music, art, dancing, etc. It is important for kids to learn how to work with others, and to express themselves.

This program was a wonderful idea that more schools can take example from and add it as part of their curriculum or even as an after school program. I was beyond excited to read about this town in Minnesota and their development. Bravo. Keep pressing on and teaching ballroom dancing for kids.

Article by Jacqui.