Bella Ballroom: My Favorite Place for Work and Dance Lessons

November 8, 2021 by
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I started working at Bella Ballroom in January of 2019. I was looking for an upbeat and fun environment to be a part of, and I absolutely landed in the right studio! 

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced dancer or you consider yourself to have two left feet, dancing is always fun! One of my favorite things about working here is to see people experiencing that “special feeling” that comes out from letting go and having fun dancing. We specialize in wedding dance and love to observe the dynamic of each couple when they jump onto the dance floor and start learning how to dance together as one. You can see so much about their individual personalities, their bond and their connection as a couple.

Wedding preparation can be so special and so stressful at the same time and as a studio, we understand this very very well. We make sure that from the first time we come in contact with our clients, whether it’s via email, phone conversations, or walk-ins, that we are as helpful and friendly as possible. We aim to take some of the stress away from you and replace it with our own personal remedy…! It is always our goal to do our very best to make sure that your first dance lessons become an experience you’ll never forget.  

Wedding Dance Lessons and Choreography

The build up of a first-dance choreography is a beautiful process to watch time and time again. Usually, clients start their dancing journey with nerves, tense postures, and potential dance intimidation but after just a couple of lessons, you can truly see them begin to relax, smile, be silly with each other, and start connecting deeply with each other as they gradually learn their choreography. Our instructors are the best at understanding your vision for your first-dance and help you make it a reality. Whether you want something simple, elegant, sexy, fun, or whatever kind of dance you can imagine really, we are prepared to materialize your vision! 

After this insider scoop, you have a little idea of the work environment here at Bella Ballroom and the love, fun and intimacy that we enjoy and nurture every single day!