Benefits of Wedding Dance Lessons

January 28, 2023 by
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To dance or not to dance? That is the question.

The answer to that is yes. Always yes when it comes to dancing. But what about wedding dance? The real question is whether you want to take wedding dance lessons for your big day or not. 

Your first dance with your forever partner can be a bit nerve racking. Taking dance lessons for your wedding can help ease that anxiety. That is just one of the many reasons as to why you should take wedding dance lessons for your big day and below you will find more benefits that wedding dance lessons have to offer. 

Dance of your Dreams

First and foremost, one of the main benefits of getting wedding dance lessons is that you will have the dance of your dreams! After taking lessons and creating a magical dance with your partner, you will have the dance that you’ve always imagined for your big day. The process of it is so fun too. You both get to design this dance together. You can chose to choreograph it however you want and together work on making that first dance one of the most magical moments of the whole day! You can use the classic dance from the movie Dirty Dancing as inspiration for what you want your dance to look like or create it from scratch and add your own personal touch to it all! Plus, you will know what is coming up in your dance and you can have your photograph be ready for any lift, dips, or kisses that you are planning in your dance.

Private Last Dance 

As the song says, “Save the last dance for me…” Another benefit of getting wedding dance lessons for your first dance is that you can also learn a private last dance with your partner that is different from your first dance. This private last dance happens at the end of your reception before you make your big exit. You ask everyone to leave the room and have one last private dance with your partner before concluding your big day. You can learn to dance a very personal, intimate, and romantic dance but this is just for the final private moment between you two. It is an opportunity to take in it all in and just have that moment with your now, forever partner.

No First Dance Nerves

As previously mentioned, a benefit of getting wedding dance lessons is to ease the nerves of the first dance! It can be a nerve racking part of the big day. You may feel as though you have two left feet and will end up falling, you won’t! But whether you chose to choreograph your whole dance or just learn a few moves to so that it looks all looks nice and smooth, taking wedding dance lessons and practicing your first dance, it will ease your nerves for that big moment at your wedding!

Father/Daughter or Mother/Son Dance

Another big part of the wedding is of course the mother/son and father/daughter dance! It is a very sweet and special moment between you and your parents, and one that might also cause some nerves. That being said, another benefit of taking dance lessons for your big day is that you can also learn a father/daughter and mother/son dance and get all those nerves out. Again, this can be something fully choreographed and you can add in some fun moves to have with your parents or you can just learn some basic steps so that your father/daughter and mother/son dance looks smooth.

Skill Set for Life 

Lastly, getting wedding dance lessons can be beneficial because you pick up a skill set for life. From the start you will learn the basic steps of dancing and those are moves that you will be able to use in other occasions. Whether it’s at another wedding, out with friends, work event, or social nights, you will pick up some dance moves that you will be able to use in other instances, it’ll be a skill for life!

Once you decide to get wedding dance lessons for your first dance, be sure to come to Bella Ballroom in Orange County! It’s just $20 for your first introductory lesson and consultation!