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Bhangra is a fusion of music and dance which originates from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It was a celebratory folk dance which welcomed the coming of spring. As time progressed, Bhangra has been used in almost all major celebrations in Punjab such as weddings, festivals, birthday parties, local fairs, and other celebrations. Bhangra has evolved and in the past 30 years. It has now become integrated into popular Asian culture after being mixed with hip hop, house, and reggae styles of music. 

Several dancers execute kicks, leaps, and bends of the body with the accompaniment of short songs called boliyan and to the beat of  double-headed drum called a dhol. In a typical performance, the lyrics commonly reference themes of love, patriotism, strength, and celebration. 

Bhangra is more than just a musical genre. People see it as an expression of their identit, culture and a way of highlighting all that is unique about them.

The influence of Bhangra can be clearly seen in the world of Bollywood with Bhangra artists being used in some of the biggest films from this industry. Today, it’s the newest fitness, dance, and music phenomenon spreading all over the world. Bhangra has even made its way to America’s Got Talent, the London Olympics, and the White House. Some organizations and universities have started holding Bhangra dance competitions.

Difference between Bollywood vs Bhangra

On the other hand, in common Bollywood dance films, it is the hero or heroine who perform with a group of dancers. These dance sequences often feature shifts of location and time frame and costume changes through the course of the song. Often romantic songs featuring just the hero and the heroine are shot in beautiful scenic locations with special effects at times. As far as the Bollywood dances are concerned there is no typical costume pattern that they follow.

Bhangra Dance Videos

Bollywood Dance Videos

Top Bhangra Songs:

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  • Laembadgini by I love You Ji.
  • Moorni by The Raj.
  • High Rated Gabru by Fit & Fab.
  • Naag by Oh Kedi.

Top Bollywood Songs:

  • Tum Hi Ho by Aashiqui.
  • O Saki Saki by Batla House.
  • Pachtaoge by Pachtaoge.
  • Tera Ban Jaunga by Kabir Singh.
  • Leja Re by Leja Re.