Bride and Father Perform Wedding Tap Dance!

December 5, 2012 by
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Check out this amazing father/daughter wedding dance! It’s not uncommon for wedding couples to add their own personal spin (couples learn new “spins” quite literally at our dance studio) to their wedding dances. But in all my years of teaching, this is something I’ve never seen: A Father/Daughter wedding tap dance! It’s absolutely adorable. According to the Huffington Post, both bride and her father have been tap dancing since they were young. They chose to dance to Gene Kelly’s “Broadway Melody.” Since they’ve both been tap dancing for many years, they said they weren’t concerned with learning the steps, but mostly just with dealing with her wedding dress (yikes!) She said that she learned to kick up the back of her bustled dress when she wanted to turn. I love the bride’s quote: “This style of dance is so out of fashion that it came across as really fresh and exciting,” Great example of the old being new! Other couples may want to consider adding some “old fashioned” elements to their wedding dance to create something fun and unique. (Story from

UPDATE: Their video just got taken down from YouTube. When it’s up again, we’ll be sure to add the video. Here’s a photo for a sneak peak!

Tap dancing at a wedding reception

Father Daughter Wedding Dance