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June 17, 2016 by
First Dance mashup Thriller Orange County Wedding dance

“Thriller” invades this first dance mashup!

First dance mashup choreographies are my favorite type of wedding dance to watch. When we get wedding couples that want to do a first dance mashup choreography, I get overly excited to watch the process and final result. Every client we’ve had that has done a mashup dance always leaves completely satisfied with the final product and when they are rehearsing they always look like they have they are having the time of their lives, pun intended. First Dance Mashup choreographies tend to include a diverse mix of music and dance styles. Popular types of music include pop, hip-hop, oldies, R&B, and classic songs. Typically any song that is associated with a certain dance move will generally be in a first dance mashup. For example, Michael Jackson’s dance moves from his hit “Thriller” are always a popular choice.  A first dance mashup can be designed in a variety of ways depending on what the bride and groom are looking for.

Here are some first dance mashup examples from our past clients that I’ve personally really enjoyed watching.

Sarah and Chris did an Oldies and Rock first dance mashup with us.  Their songs included “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith, “You’re my Best Friend” by Queen, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson, and the classic “Shout” by The Isley Brothers. Their dance was so much fun to watch. I could tell by watching them during their rehearsals that they were enjoying themselves and loved doing their dance!

Devon and Nick only had two songs in their first dance mashup, but it was a super cute routine. They started slow dancing to “I Found You” by Alabama Shakes and ended with “Dreams Come True” by Hall and Oats. Their dance to “Dreams Come True” was so awesome to watch. Devon and Nick were super nice people and you could see their joy when they danced and sang to the lyrics together. Their dance had elements of the movie “500 Days of Summer”.

Genesis & Will started their mashup with a romantic Bachata piece. Their choreography changed in mood as their music turned into “Pretty Young Thing” by Michael Jackson. The cute couple got to be flirty with each other as they complimented each other on the dance floor. Their next song, “It’s Tricky” by Run-D.M.C., was probably my favorite part in their dance because their personalities shined bright during this part of their mashup as they danced to the lyrics. “Time Of My Life” from the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack ended the routine with dance moves similar to those in the last scene of to the movie.  “Time of My Life” is always a popular pick for our wedding couples.

I hope you enjoyed some of our success stories with wedding couples that have done a first dance mashup! If you have any ideas in mind, please come visit us at our Orange County Dance Studio located in Costa Mesa. We’d be happy to meet you and help your first dance mashup dreams come true!

Article by Jacqui