Celebrity Wedding Dance Lessons Vol 7

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Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities 2017 Volume 7

Volume 7 of our Wedding Dance Lessons for Celebrities brings you a fun exploration of the first dance possibilities. From Hollywood, the White House, and the world of Internet entrepreneurship we cover the array of famous couples. We were able to discover their first dance songs, although, whether or not they took dance classes is unknown to us. We came up with some wedding dance lessons ideas that we would have loved to create, tailoring to the personalities, song selections, and wedding details of each couple. These couples did not get married in 2017, however, they are all very present in the media today. We like to imagine the success of their romantic relationships budded in the magic of their wedding dance lessons!


Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Celebrity Wedding Couple First Dance 

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #1: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

First Dance Song: Frank Sinatra’s version of “Over The Rainbow” performed by Florence Welch.

Wedding: September 9th, 2012

While Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are no strangers to being in the spotlight, they kept their wedding celebration very private. They got married in Charleston, SC at the Boone Hall Plantation. According to tabloids, they only invited 35 guests. Blake wore a beautiful Marchesa ball gown embroidered with rose gold and covered in crystals. Ryan wore a Burberry suit trimmed with leather braces. Blake’s good friend, British singer Florence Welch, serenaded the couple for their first dance.

Mimicking the class of their ceremony and first dance song choice, we would have enjoyed giving wedding dance lessons that capture the elegance of their matrimony and celebration. I imagine Ryan leading Blake through a slow foxtrot to the whimsical Frank Sinatra version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” We would have planned a beautiful introduction inviting the couple onto the wedding dance floor. We would turn them into frame to be ready to start dancing with the start of the lyrics. Smooth foxtrot patterns spanning across a big dance floor with occasional sweeping lifts highlighting the music would have created the perfect ambiance. We would have incorporated twirls to show off Blake’s gorgeous dress and ended the dance with a monumental spin, dip, and kiss.


Michelle Barack Obama Celebrity Wedding Couple First Dance President


Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #2: Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (nee Robinson)

First Dance Song: “You and I” by Stevie Wonder

Wedding: October 3, 1992

Michelle and Barack married at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago and celebrated their reception at the South Shore Cultural Center. Barack had proposed two years earlier at Gordon’s restaurant in Chicago as their dessert came out. What a sweet proposal! On the day of the wedding, Michelle was the picture perfect 90s bride. She wore an off-the-shoulder long sleeved gown with a poufy veil and pear earrings.

Michelle, a super fan of Stevie Wonder, chose the singer’s “You and I” for their first dance as husband and wife. With wedding dance lessons, we would have catered to Michelle’s love for dancing. We would have taught the presidential couple a rumba. Rumba is a rhythmic dance with Spanish and African Elements, originating in Cuba that features Latin hip motion and is considered very romantic. Underarm turns showcasing Michelle’s dress would be lovely. Adding wedding dance moves to highlight the groove of the song would be fun. Add to that the natural grove of the couple and you’ve got a seamless first dance.

Mark Zuckerberg Pracilla Celebrity Couple Wedding

Wedding Dance Lessons Couple #3: Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

First Dance Song: “Last Night On Earth” by Green Day

Wedding: May 19th, 2012

This couple succeeded in keeping their wedding private by inviting 100 guests to what they thought was a surprise party for Priscilla who had just graduated from medical school. The ceremony took place in the backyard of the newlyweds’ home in Palo Alto, California. Priscilla wore a white dress with lace overlay and was given a ruby wedding ring designed by Mark. Mark dressed up in a suit, which surpassed his usual business attire of a sweatshirt hoodie.

For their first dance, singer Billie Joe Armstrong performed the Green Day song “Last Night on Earth.” The slower beat of this ballad allows a lot of flexibility to have created a rich and dynamic dance. During Mark and Priscilla’s wedding dance lessons, it would have been fun to think outside of the box for this unique couple. While a foxtrot or rumba would have been typical for the tempo of this song, I picture Mark and Priscilla doing a slow tango. The tone and the message of “Last Night on Earth” invite passion to the wedding dance floor. Tango promenades, dips, turns, and picturesque poses would have created a truly memorable first dance for Mark and Priscilla.