Choosing a First Dance Wedding Song

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choosing a first dance songMany clients find Bella Ballroom when looking for a dance studio to fulfill all their wedding needs in terms of creating a wildly successful first dance. While some students are wholly organized and undoubtedly decided, there are others who are not so decided. Sometimes, it takes couples weeks to even decide on a song for their first dance. When this is the case, it is important to start looking through and deciding on songs as soon as possible.

Picking a song is a very special decision for most couples and therefore it is important to give it some thought before heading into your dance lessons. The first thing to remember when choosing a first dance wedding song is: who are the two of you as a couple and what song would best represent your relationship and love for one another. This is a lot easier than it sounds. Are you a funny couple? Are you more serious? Did your love grow out of a best friendship? These are all pertinent things to keep in mind when picking out a song and deciding on the lyrics and beat you want. As an Office Manager, I’ve seen everything from highly choreographed humorous dances to simplistic and classic ballroom dances. The type of song and your expectation of the choreography you are wanting from the song also will influence how many lessons you will want to take. If you want a perfectly squared away dance, chances are unless you are both professionals, you are going to need a larger number of lessons. If you are just wanting something easy that helps you look more graceful and not trip over your partners feet, you will be needing a lower number of lessons.

The second thing you want to keep in mind when picking your song is: what mood do we want to set for our audience? This is a crucial question, as it will influence whether or not you will have people up on their feet bopping around, or whether they stay seated with their eyes glued to the both of you, clapping at the amazing moments your dance will have.

In the end, the greatest factor is whether or not you love the song and if it makes you both feel comfortable. So go for what you will love (even when you look back at it in 80 years), have fun, and make it very you.

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Article by Office Manager, Shelby.