Christmas Date Night Ideas

December 17, 2022 by
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Christmas Couple

As the song says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s Christmas season, that means it’s time to start planning cute Christmas themed dates with your significant other. So dust off those Santa hats, start warming up that hot cocoa and start going on some memorable Christmas themed dates!

Below you will find a list of date ideas that you and your significant other can go on this Christmas season!

Tree Decorating

Decorate Together!

First thing is first. Before you even start going on these dates, the first thing that you and partner have to do is decorate for Christmas, of course! Pull out that tree, those ornaments, and that beautiful bright star that can’t be missed on top of the tree! If you are missing anything, head over to the store together and find decorations together. Find an ornament that represents each one of you to put on the tree. You could also plan together what the color scheme is going to be this year. Are you going for red and gold, all white, blue and silver, or decorating with all colors of the rainbow? Put on some Michael Bublé, heat up some hot cocoa, and just embrace these moments with your partner. And take lots of pictures and videos because they will be moments you will want to remember for a lifetime.

Movie Night

Christmas Themed Movie Night

Once the tree is set up, you both will deserve a much needed break. Snuggle up with your favorite and coziest blanket and have a Christmas themed movie night! My top two favorite holiday movies are “The Family Man” and “Last Holiday”. Write out a list of all of your favorite holiday movies, put them in a bowl (or a Santa hat) and take turns picking out the next movie. As previously mentioned, you can heat up that hot cocoa while wearing your Christmas hats and just enjoy! 

Christmas Shopping

Go Christmas Shopping/Make a Christmas List Together 

Next up on this list is personally my favorite and that is Christmas shopping! Go Christmas shopping together. It is such a fun experience to go out during the holiday season to find gifts for all of the people that you love and what better than to do it with your significant other. The malls and everywhere really are decorated for the holidays and seeing all of those twinkly lights just makes the experience that much more amazing. On top of going holiday shopping together, you could also create a Christmas list together! You get a sense of what you both want for Christmas and it make shopping for the other so much easier!

Gift Wrapping

Wrap Your Gifts Together

While you are out doing your Christmas shopping, don’t forget to add on to your list some Christmas wrapping paper! Buy different kinds wrapping paper and choose a day to wrap all of your gifts with your partner. It’ll be a great opportunity to see whose wrapping skills are better. You can even have some fun with it and race to see who can wrap gifts quicker or who can get the most creative when it comes to wrapping up an awkward shaped gift!

Baking Together

Bake Holiday Treats Together

Next up on this list is one that will make your stomach very happy. Bake holiday treats together! Buy cookie cutters so that you can make your treats into festive shapes! Have fun decorating them too! Get different colored frosting and sprinkles and all those other fun things that you use to decorate cookies. You could then take pictures of your creations and send them to friends and family so they could vote on whose cookies looks the best! If your baking skills aren’t that great, an alternative option for this is buying a gingerbread house and decorate those!

Ice Skating

Go Ice Skating

You can’t think of Christmas season without thinking of going ice skating! Grab some warm coats, gloves, and hats and get to the ice skating rink. Gliding around that ice care-free and enjoying the company of your partner is a perfect way to spend the day. If your ice skating skills aren’t that great, it could be a beautiful experience for you two leaning on each other for support and making sure the other doesn’t fall on the ice!

Holiday Lights

Go see the holiday lights 

With a simple internet search you can find your closest light show for the holidays. Some of my favorites in California are the ones at the LA Zoo and the holiday light show at the Los Angeles County Arboretum! Or if there is a popular street near where you lived filled with houses decorated with Christmas lights, go check those out as well! There is truly no more of a perfect moment than looking at these beautiful twinkly lights with the person you love the most. Take lots of pictures and enjoy the beauty before your eyes that are the holiday lights!

Couple Dancing

Couples Dance Lessons 

Since it’s Christmas time, you know that those Christmas parties are coming too. You get to eat lots of food, drink lots of eggnog, and dance the night away. But wait, what if your dance skills are not up to par? Not to worry! A date that you can go on with your significant other is go take dance lessons together! Be sure to check out the one and only Bella Ballroom in Orange County! Here they specialize in beginners and will help you reach your dancing goals!

Christmas Photoshoot

Christmas Themed Photoshoot 

Last on this list is a Christmas themed photoshoot! Not only could you use these pictures as a Christmas card for your friends and family but also, just to have as a memory for the both of you to keep. You could do it at home in your pjs next to your tree and with your furry companions if you have any or you can go to a scenic location where you are dressed to impress. Capture the moment and make this Christmas season one of the most memorable for you and your significant other!