Coffee Nature: Caring Coffee in Orange County, CA

December 12, 2017 by
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I step out of the chilly December air and through the front door where I am welcomed by a cozy atmosphere while the subtle aroma of coffee swirls around me. A few more steps into the shop and I approach the counter, greeted warmly by both baristas. I’ve interrupted a task, but they both ready themselves right away to help their newest visitor. After explaining the reason for my visit, the barista, Kyle, leads me to a table to tell me more about this unique café.

Coffee Nature in Newport Beach Costa MesaWe maneuver our way to our seats and I notice all of the college students scattered around the shop with laser focus on their studies. It’s busy, but the café isn’t even close to cramped with its spacious and open layout and plenty of seating. Kyle explains that the shop hosts special events and tonight- like every Tuesday- is a study night where the shop stays open until 10pm to accommodate busy college students.

Not long ago, Kyle was a college student himself. He has been practicing the art of coffee making at Coffee Nature for the past seven months and says that what he likes most about working in the shop is the interactions he gets to have with the customers. He describes these interactions as a “vignette of characters” and emphasizes that he and the rest of the team aim to do more than just sell coffee by personalizing each experience. This quality care that he talks so passionately about is just one of the things that makes Coffee Nature so unique.

Other highlights of this unique café include their special events, food and drinks! In addition to study nights and late hours every Tuesday night, the shop hosts music nights where performers are invited to come in for live showcases. Furthermore, it is a hot spot for organizations and church events. And the icing on the coffee cake is that the food and drinks are both amazing! Coffee Nature truly cares about quality and their customers can taste it in every sip. Their coffee is locally sourced and some of their drink syrups, like the popular Lavender Latte, are even made in-house.

Crepes, bagels, and bowls galore, this shop serves food all day to accompany your personalized drink order. So swing by for brunch and a cold brew or check out their incredible coffee and tea selection. Or if you know someone with a busy schedule and a love for coffee, a gift card to this shop could be a great way to say happy holidays. You can also find Coffee Nature on Yelp and Instagram to read raving reviews and capture the vision of their shop via photos.

If you’re planning a trip to the Ayres Plaza and Coffee Nature, the shops hours are Monday through Friday from 7am to 6:30pm and on weekends from 7:30am to 3pm. And if you’re in need of a cozy place to study on a Tuesday night, the Coffee Nature team will be serving up deliciousness until 10pm. While you’re there, you may even run into the instructors of Bella Ballroom. Our team frequently visits our neighbors at Coffee Nature to fuel up for a long day of lessons! Some of our teams’ favorites are the Cold Brew Nitro, Coconut Latte, and regular Drip coffee. So, come join us at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Coffee Nature!