Congrats to Jazmine on her Quinceanera!

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 Quinceanera Dance Instructors

Smiling and waltz dancing

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Jazmine and her family came to us for dance lessons in preparation for Jazmine’s upcoming Quinceanera. She wanted to learn two traditional style waltz dances, one would be a dance with her court partner, Shawn and the other a traditional waltz with her father. In many Quinceanera celebrations, the young women chooses a court of around twenty other young men and women and they perform a group dance (often a waltz, though many are doing more upbeat group numbers like a salsa, merengue or a cha cha.) Jazmine decided not to have a large court and instead to have a solo spotlight dance with her partner. She chose a beautiful waltz song and we added spins, twirls and dips–they looked fabulous!

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Jazmine and her dad wanted to learn a traditional waltz for their dance too, but with a twist! After they completed their father/daughter waltz dance, they had the DJ cut into the Macarena! We choreographed the timing and transition from the waltz into the Macarena (they didn’t need any help learning the Macarena dance!) It was a huge success and very entertaining for the guests of the party!

Congratulations again to Jazmine and her family!

Quinceaneras father daughter dance

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