Country Dancing

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There are many different types of country dancing but the most commonly known ones are the two step and line dancing. Both are vastly different and have something to offer to every individual. Country dancing may seem intimidating at first, but once you begin to try it you will discover that it is anything but and very casual. Country dancing is a community of dancers wanting to enjoy each other’s company. You can find country dancing typically in country bars, social clubs, dance bars, or in ballrooms.

country dancing ocTwo-Step

Country/Western two-step is usually danced to country music. There are different versions of two-step, however one of the more basic patterns is dance to a quick quick slow rhythm. Two stepping is danced with a partner, where there is a lead and follow. Generally the males lead and females follow. The leader determines the flow and patterns of the dance. When dancing the two-step you circle the dance floor going counter clockwise with your partner. As you begin to learn the basics of any dance, it will become easier with practice thus allowing you and your partner to add in tricks, spins, and dips as y’all become more advance. Two-step is a social dance and great way to meet new people. Do not be shy and ask someone to dance (both male and females.)

Line Dancing

While two-step is geared towards partner dancing, line dancing is done individually. There are many different line dances and depending on the region or dance hall you’re at the same line dances can also vary. Each line dance can be recognized by the name. For example some commonly known line dances are: Tush Push, or the Watermelon Crawl. Line dancing can be better understood as a group of people dancing in a line or rows to a choreographed dance with repeated sequence of steps, while facing the same direction. Like two step, once you learn the basic steps, picking up the dance combinations becomes easier due to the repetition. All lines dances range from beginner to advance levels of dance. Depending on the dance hall or bar you visit, lessons are usually provided.

I personally love line dancing because its easy to learn, and generally the dances are simple which allows room to add your own accents to the dance (like a double spin to challenge yourself or a hand clap, whatever strikes your fancy.) It’s really about the community and enjoying each other’s company. Even though it was intimidating at first to try and learn these line dances, I still just went for it and eventually learned a lot of them. So I encourage everyone to just jump in and try because that is the only way to learn and get better and truly enjoy the benefits to it. Plus it’s a great way to get everyone on the floor.

Article by Jacqui