Couples Dancing for Confidence

July 10, 2015 by
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couples dance for confidence

Today, I wanted to breech the subject of dancing with confidence. Usually, when an individual or couple walks in the door they are extremely nervous and fearful. Well, I’m here to tell you that walking in the door is the first biggest step of confidence you can take. We all have to start somewhere and let’s face it, dancing doesn’t come naturally to most people. As a couple dancing together, each has to learn their part. Self-confidence comes with knowing what you’re doing, capable of, and practice.

When a couple newly starts dancing together they start to also figure out how the other learns, and deals with their personal struggles. Dancing gives couples the opportunity to make their relationship stronger, because they learn to assist each other. Building each other up also fuels people’s confidence within themselves.

When you dance with confidence, you automatically dance better, especially when you’re struggling. There is an example I experienced the other weekend. I was out line dancing and I’m still catching on to some of the intermediate line dances. There was a dance that came up and I didn’t know it, but I tried my best to catch on. There was a point in the dance when I was thinking “It’s too hard, I want to sit this one out.” But I convinced myself to stick it through and I could do it. I wasn’t anywhere near perfect but I was proud of myself for finishing it. Next time it would be easier, and that’s the kind of attitude you have to have about it.

Trying something new can be a lot of things: fun, exciting, scary, thrilling etc. I was very impressed with one of our couples this week. This couple was doing swing, and both were open to trying new dance moves. These dance moves were fairly intermediate and included lifts and dips. The male showed more confidence in his capability of achieving the moves due to his strength. This automatically made his significant other confident to try. They had a few mishaps but they tried and continue to get better. When a male exceeds confidence it propels him to be a strong leader, ultimately making it easier for his partner to feel secure to fulfill her part by following.

Some things to keep in mind about building your confidence while dancing is: pretend no one is watching, go at your own pace, dance moves you are comfortable with, while at the same time be open to try new moves, laugh at yourself, and realize your achievements!

When a person dances full out, everyone can tell and they don’t care how it looks. Usually that’s when a person’s personality out shines everything else. So don’t be afraid to live in the moment and have fun!!!! Couples dancing with confidence y’all!

Article by Jacqui