Dance As Healing: Reasons to See “Silver Linings Playbook”

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DANCE AS HEALING: Reasons to See Silver Linings Playbook

Dance as HealingFor those of you who do not know, Silver Linings Playbook is a film about an average guy, Pat, who happens to end up in mental institution after having a fit of rage when he stumbles across his wife having relations with a coworker. Once released back into the care of his parents, he is determined to get his old life back. One day, while on a run, Pat bumps into an old friend, who ends up inviting him to a dinner party. When Pat turns up at the dinner party, he ends up meeting Tiffany, a recently widowed woman who is just as troubled as him.

Tiffany promises Pat the deal of helping him get in touch with his wife, but only if he does her a favor in return: to dance with her at an upcoming competition.

While I had never really paid much attention to all the dancing before, I found myself watching it with a whole new mindset since working at a dance studio. Because I loved this movie to begin with, I felt like I should offer up some reasons as to why I think it would be a great choice for anyone who has not seen it.

  1. It takes a sad story and makes it comedic.
  2. It has a great soundtrack.
  3. The element of dance is perfectly incorporated within the film and is given a main role as a healer for two complicated people.

The third reason, of course, is the most important because it shows that dance is a healing mechanism. This applies to physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Dance is a healer and so much research has proven this. So, Silver Linings Playbook, while an amazing movie, also manages to intertwine dance perfectly into the story to show the importance it can play in life and relationships. So, give it a watch!

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