Dance Dips: The Death Drop

July 13, 2015 by
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Dance Move of the Week: Dance Dips and Drops

dips and drops

Bella Ballroom students, Yelp photo credit

The Death Drop:

The death drop is a great move for a wedding first dance, choreography, or practiced social dance move. It’s a fairly simple dance move even though it sounds a bit intimidating. This dance move would be described as the women looking as if she were “dropped” to the floor.

A few tips to start is to trust your partner. For the follower/ladies, if your partner is strong enough to hold most of your weight, then you should have no problem accomplishing this dance move. It’s also a great idea to have eye contact. It shows the audience that you are connecting with your partner. It is also important to remember to hold the pose for at least two seconds. If performing these dance dips for a wedding dance, it allows the photographer a great opportunity to capture a unique shot. One couple of ours preparing for their first dance nailed the move perfectly, allowing their photographer to capture the perfect moment. Also, if the follower bends one of her knees it allows some of the weight to be lifted off her partner. If executed well, these dance dips can be elegant and can show off the bride.

Article by Jacqui