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dance for exercise in Orange CountyWe offer exciting dance lessons in Orange County and many people come to us for dance classes because they want to get in better shape! There are many reasons why dancing is just as affective for exercise as running, spinning, yoga etc. and in some ways covers more ground.

1. As a replacement for Cardio

Dancing is intensive exercise for extensive periods of time. When performing a routine, you are basically exercising for however long the routine is. Whether it’s a 4 minute waltz or a 2 minute swing, you are moving without stopping. You may or may not be out of breath by the end, but regardless, your heart rate will go up simply by moving at a quicker and more structured pace than you would just walking. Preparing for the dance takes doing this routine over and over again, and before you know it, you have been exercising non stop for 45 minutes!

2. As a replacement for yoga

It may not seem like it, but when you are dancing, you are also stretching parts of your body that you normally don’t when you are running or doing other forms of exercise. Yoga is the idea of using your muscles while stretching them. Dance is similar in that you are using your muscles to move, but you are using them in a way that stretches them a bit as well.

3. As a replacement for weight lifting

Obviously, lifting weights is going to be more affective in a way that is noticeable sooner than anything else would, however dancing can do this to an extent as well. Even if you are not lifting someone or something, you are tensing up your muscles throughout your dancing. You use your muscles by having to keep your arms up for extended periods of time, you may have to squat in certain dances, and you always have to keep your core and your frame engaged, which affects the muscles in your stomach, legs, back, arms, etc. Just as certain exercises done over and over again can make your muscles sore and strengthen them, you are doing the same by working on dance moves over and over again.

4. As a replacement for agility

Just as in exercise, the stronger you get, the more you are able to engage the muscles in the correct way and get a more affective work out from it. The same goes for dance. The better you get, the more technique you have, the more you engage the muscles that are meant to be used in said dance. If you are a social dancer, this is even more affective, as you will be dancing for longer periods of time and having the chance to practice more often.

5. As a replacement for creating endurance

The more you train as a runner, biker, etc. the longer your body is able to keep up with the cardio and have stamina. The same goes for dancing. At first, a 45 minute dance lesson might seem exhausting, but over time, you will be able to dance for hours before running out of steam.

6. As a replacement for making you sweat

If you notice yourself sweating by the end of your class, you know that you have gotten exercise and have done your workout for the day. If you are sweating, you are losing calories and definitely getting something more from it than just a skill. You are keeping your body healthy.

7. As a replacement for something you need

We all need to exercise, as it helps maintain our health. Exercise can often times become mundane and boring. The nice thing about dance is that there is always something new to learn. Whether it is a new style, focusing on techniques, a new partner, new music, etc., something is always changing in this form of exercise. You can never run out of things to try or ways to get better. And it is fun!

If you are trying to find a way to keep up with exercise or trying to see a reason why dancing can be beneficial to your life, see it as a contribution to a healthy lifestyle that can also make your other half, your friends, or just yourself happy. And what a great way to get in shape!

– Bella Ballroom Dance Studio in Orange County. Article by Bella Ballroom dance teacher, Tayler