Dance Lessons: A Way to Deal with Stress

April 7, 2020 by
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Dancing and Dance Lessons as an Effective Method to Deal with Stress

Let’s effectively attain that positive impact on our lives we so desperately need right now. Because we are all dealing with some sort of daily stressor and for some of us a personal tragedy it is imperative that we get up and move. Whether it be to give your mind a break, release anxiety, or relieve muscle tension we must get moving. Often after times of high stress or tragedy the body will experience immobility, depression, and disorientation, making dancing or any type of mobility extremely difficult to achieve. It is important for our well-being and mental state to push oneself to get up and dance to release those feel good chemicals.

We are adopting the “we’ll get through this together” attitude along with many others during this time of quarantine. You might be by yourself, but you will never be alone. Reaching out to others for support is crucial and people have been so kind, understanding, and supportive. Because we cannot go the gym or other fitness centers, dance is an excellent way to get up and get moving! You can turn on music and free style at will. Go on YouTube and learn a new dance. Log on to Facebook or Instagram live and follow along to a free dance lesson. OR, join us here at Bella Ballroom! We are now offering online private dance lessons! Reach out to us to learn more!

You can learn something new and find out what style is your new favorite. We dance to express ourselves, stay physically fit, and to maintain emotional stability. For most of us it is the time to put ourselves in a position get your heart rate up get those feel-good vibes going.

Dance lessons are a great way to stay physically fit by moving your body you increase your heart rate, burn calories, and sweat out toxins. Dancing improves confidence, balance, coordination and is great for your mobility in joints and bones. It is much easier and less impactful on your body than weights and can help with bone density, strengthen your heart, and lower blood pressure. Perhaps the best reason to get up and dance is for our brain. Not only does it help exercise our bodies, but it helps our memory as well.  It is well known that dance releases the chemical called endorphins into the brain.  This chemical allows the brain to process, through the receptors, the perception of pain. Not only physical but mental pain as well.  Endorphins are help with overall mood, increasing positive triggers in the brain, and maintain healthy sleeping patterns. So, whether you are inside or outside, alone or with family, dance will bring us together through this hard time.