Dance Lessons and Creating a Positive Lifestyle – Orange County, CA

May 5, 2019 by

Orange County partner dance lessonsWe will be talking about dance lessons and lifestyle today!

Now more than ever, people are starting to realize that they need to take care of themselves, body, mind, emotions and spirit to perform at their highest level regardless of their profession.

The better we feel, the better decisions we make, and therefore, the better we live.

You will be surprised at how dancing even once a week can enhance the quality of your life in a tremendous way.

Do not be afraid of stepping on the dance floor without previous experience, you will see how fun it is to lose yourself to a song, to forget about the world for a few minutes and immerse yourself into the magic of music and body movements.

You do not have to be a professional dancer to experience the benefits of dancing. You do not have to be born in a dancer’s family to engage in dancing practices. Each and one of us has music inside our minds and bodies.

As children, we all knew how to move, how to be playful, we all knew how to relax and dance. It is still there in you. All you need is a little guidance, the appropriate atmosphere, the right instructors, music, a friend, your partner, or even yourself alone, and we will take care of the rest.

I know that dance is not only for professional dancers. Dance is for humans.

Dance helps you release stress, release tension, emotions, disconnect from daily responsibilities, connect with your body in an intimate way, and much more that you will experience.

Is time you invest in yourself, invest in your physical health and dance, invest in your mental health and dance! Experience high emotions dancing! Uplift your spirit dancing your heart out!

Enhance the quality of your life and join us here at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio. With the new student special, your first private lesson is only $20. On the introductory lesson, you’ll learn some basic dance steps (or more advanced if you have prior experience,) be evaluated on your strengths and weaknesses in a fun, non-stressful way, and given recommendations on additional lessons.

We are here for you, we want to help you!