Dance Scenes from Christmas Movies

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We thought ‘tis the season’ to create a fun video compilation of Dance Scenes from Christmas movies! From the Bella Ballroom Team we wish you all Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy this loving season! Eat well, drink well, and create beautiful moments with your loved ones! Let’s close this year strong, and let’s get ready to start a NEW DECADE! Here are some of our favorite Dance Scenes from Holiday movies.

The Holiday

2006, Comedy-drama/Romance

Who can relate to this great scene?! Spending a night by your self, drinking a few, or, several glasses of wine, no social plans, cold outside, playing some good music, fireplace on, and this is what we call ‘freestyle dancing’ no choreography needed, just feeling the music, and letting your soul do the dance for you!

This funny romantic-comedy directed by Nancy Meyers is a perfect Christmas movie, about a gal that after being dumped and depressed, decides to swap homes with another unfortunate in love woman, and life becomes very different after that move. 

Don’t miss this freestyle dance scene from Cameron Diaz!

The Best Man Holiday

2013, Drama/Romance

How about this dance! What a nice Christmas present for the ladies! 

Guys get together with your friends, and surprise your girlfriend/wife with a Holiday Dance choreography.

This is a nice movie that can be a good option to watch over the holiday season. It is directed by Malcolm D.Lee. Basically, is about this group of college friends that after 15 years they reunite, although now they all have completely different lives!

Take a look at the dance guys!  


2004, Drama/Romance

“Nina no, I gotta go I can’t be late” yeah right guys… can you imagine denying Penelope Cruz an intimate salsa dance? Absolutely NOT! I mean, this are situations where we have to do what we have to do, and if we are late to work, or late to any type of appointment because of executing the task at hand, well, we will face the consequences with a smiley face, but a moment like this, a dance like this cannot be denied or put aside by any circumstances. 

Checkout this romantic movie directed by Chazz Palminteri. A Christmas movie in New York, a little bit of drama, but with a main message of love! 

Let us know your thoughts on this great scene:

Almost Christmas

2016, Drama/Comedy

Oh my Oh my! This is what I’m talking about, out of nowhere, the entire family members showing off their dance moves! I love it! No better excuse to have fun and release some great energy than jumping into the dancefloor and dancing to any song! What a fun scene, all ages, the youngsters and adults warming up and getting ready for the holiday season.

Family times, family reunions, cooking food, great conversations,  having some drinks, playing music, oh yes! 

This is a perfect Family Movie to watch now during Christmas! The movie is directed by David E. Talbert, after one of the family members having lost a year ago the love of his life, family gets together for a Christmas traditional celebration and enjoy past memories and have a fun time. This movie represents the strength of family love and that no matter how hard life can get, the love of family will overcome anything.

White Christmas

1954, Comedy Music/Romance

We couldn’t leave aside this classic movie. It is very difficult to select only one dancing scene from this movie. Wow, what a beautiful work they did with this dancing piece, elegant, graceful, fun, flawless! The dance, the singing, the beauty of the clothes, the perfect choreography, what a dance!

Movie directed by Michael Curtiz, it is a classic musical movie, filmed for the Christmas season, funny, romantic, great scenery, so many beautiful dances, and incredible music composed by Irving Berlin.

We hope you enjoyed as much as we did watching these Holiday Dance Videos.

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