Dance: The Sixth Love Language

February 12, 2022 by
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Love is to Dance what Juliet was to Romeo. Dancing with our loved ones is magnetic. To mesh with another person and move as one. It is an emotional blend of pride, admiration, confidence, and adrenaline that draws you closer to one another. Isn’t that what love is all about? In honor of valentine’s day, we’d like to celebrate love and dance!

Fun fact, one of longest wedding traditions is a first dance. It is an expression of joy and passion for one another. A first act as a couple is their first dance, an embodiment of true love. 

red and white plastic toy on persons hand

When we think of dance, often we think it is with others, especially with those who we care about. We go to clubs with friends and dance with each other. We go on dancing date nights with our significant others. Ballroom dance could be translated as a mesh between two people, a bond between two partners. It is an intuitive connection where one understands their partners needs and intentions without a word said. It is an invisible energy between the two. Between loved ones, this connection is undeniable and much stronger!

The world needs more love, and the way to do that is one person at a time. We want to share our love of dance and the passion and energy it generates. That is our mission. Come join us at Bella Ballroom in our celebration of love this month!