Dancing & Pilates

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Dancing and Pilates have more in common than you might realize. Both are popular forms of exercise these days, but Pilates actually got its start in dance.

The History of Pilates

Joseph H. Pilates was born on December 9, 1883 in Mönchengladbach, Germany.  His childhood was spent in a sickly state which lead to dedicating himself to strengthening the body. It was around 1925 that he immigrated to the United States. 

When in America, some of the best dancers and their coaches contacted Joseph to have their injuries fixed. So, the need to strengthen the most talented dancers in New York City influenced the development of Pilates.

Joseph and his wife, Clara, worked with dancers and choreographers in his studio to design movements that flow in a dance-like manner. Pilates was made to promote suppleness, skill, and grace. But it needed to be in a way that would be both functional and transferable to everyday life.

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Romana Kryzanowska, a former dancer and student of Joseph Pilates, stated: “to glide through the movements as intended is to move naturally, in the same controlled way that animals move. Our bodies should move with ease through patterns and rarely contort in opposing directions.” She noted that as dancer weaves from position to position, in pilates we must finish the exercise, release, or stretch and then look for the next natural transition. Ultimately, this trains the body into a instinctive pattern.

Pilates is perfect for strengthening the core and back. This will compliment your dancing skills by allowing you to have more freedom for movement. It also allows better control over the body to consciously make the right and precise steps according to your dance. 

A dancer, just like a Pilates practitioner, moves with muscle control and elegant fluidity. As a dancer, consider incorporating Pilates into your exercise routine. And if you’re a Pilates pro, let Bella Ballroom Dance Studio show you how dance can improve your control and awareness of your body.