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Dancing Tip of the Week: The Dance Frame

Today, we’re going to talk about an important aspect in Ballroom, Latin and Wedding dance: the Dance Frame. In dancing, it’s very important to hold your partner in a firm and secure way. We call this the “Dance Frame” in ballroom and partner dancing (Tango dancers call this position “the embrace.” Romantic, huh?) All great dancing comes from having an awareness of this dance frame. Patrick Swayze famously taught “Baby” about this important aspect of dancing when he told her, “No spaghetti arms!” in the movie, “Dirty Dancing.” (Girls: insert sigh, Guys: insert eye roll.) In dance classes, it’s one of the first things new clients will learn because it is very important to looking good on the dance floor. Here’s a list of some of the benefits you’ll receive when you hold a nice dance frame.

If you hold a nice dance frame you will:

Look like an advanced dancer!
Nothing says “beginner dancer” like a slouched frame and sloppy arms. Keep in mind, if you’re dancing correctly, most people won’t even look down at your feet, and for women, if you’re wearing a gown or wedding dress—your feet are covered by your dress! Keep your arms up and your frame lifted high towards your partner and you will look like you have years of dancing experience (even if you’ve only had a few dance lessons.)

Be a great partnership on the dance floor!
Holding a nice dance frame is very important for successful lead and follow on the dance floor. Without a good lead frame it will be very difficult to move smoothly and gracefully on the dance floor together. To use the example from the movie, “Dirty Dancing” again, it was important for “Baby” to hold her arms firm so that “Johnny” could lead her through the fun dance routines. With a great dance frame, your partnership will be able to dance elegantly and as “one” (as opposed to tripping on each other’s feet or falling all over.)

Get buff!
OK, so holding a dance frame alone will not give you Batman arms, but it will help you tone! Girls: need some extra toning for that strapless dress? Guys: taking your honeymoon in Bora Bora and want to look great on the beach? Get yourselves into dance class and get toned for your event!

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