Dancing with the Stars Showcase

February 22, 2011 by
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A few weeks ago, dancing students at the dance studio participated in a “Dancing With the Stars” Student Showcase. Each student picked a ‘star’ or celebrity couple they wanted to emulate (with costumes, hair, makeup, etc.) We then picked an appropriate song and style of dance to portray that celebrity. It was so fun! We had Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, KISS, Sergio Mendez, and even Princess Leia.

Our student Don (pictured) was Barry Manilow, his favorite singer and celebrity. We did Orange County Dancing Lessonssome Swing dancing to the song, “It’s a Miracle.” Don did a great job of smiling and keeping his head up (and not down starring at his feet) the whole dance routine! And he also nailed the choreography, which helped too. But I always say that people will forgive a lot of technical mistakes if the people they’re watching look like they’re enjoying themselves and having fun! Most people in your “audience” don’t know your choreography or your dance routine anyway. 🙂 They just want to see you having fun!

Orange County Dance LessonsIt was a super great experience and everyone had a blast! If you have never performed in front of people before, you should definitely do it! At least once. The nice thing about student showcases is that they’re just that–STUDENT showcases. Everyone is at different levels of experience and we had ages 15-83 years old participating. For many of those in the dance show, it was their very first performing experience and many had been dancing less than a year. See? Everyone can “Dance with the Stars.” lol.