David Salon in Orange County – Costa Mesa Hair Salon at Ayres Plaza

December 18, 2017 by

On the very corner of the plaza, nearest to the Ayres Hotel, is the home of the David Salon. A salon on the leading edge of hair color technology, which is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary next year! Originally opened in a smaller space in Costa Mesa, David, the owner of the salon moved his business to the Ayres Plaza 19 years ago to expand the business and cater to a larger client base.

The shop now has 22 styling stations, a front desk and shop area as well as their ever-popular “Color Bar.” It’s home to 35 stylists and styling assistants who work together as a team to provide every customer with an outstanding salon experience every time. While most salon spaces are set up and run by individual stylists renting space and working off of their own client lists. David Salon does it differently; all appointments and clients are accommodated through the salon itself and the staff work as a team to help and learn from each other.

David Salon is unique and thriving for many reasons, from their uncommon salon structure to their involvement in continuing education and innovation in the field. About ten years ago, they began utilizing “Headmapping,” which is a hair coloring system, created by Walter Claudio, which aims to optimize the hair coloring experience in every way. By mapping specific sections of hair and utilizing a common technique and language for coloring, stylists are able to price, measure, apply and time coloring sessions more accurately. This technique is not widely used because of the individualized structure of other salons, however, it works wonderfully for the stylists at David Salon and makes the customer experience even better!

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Speaking of bettering the experience of clients, the salon has an untraditional attitude that challenges both stylist and client. In simpler terms, the days of wanting a change in stylist, but feeling like it would be a betrayal is a thing of the past. The owner says that they actually encourage clients to move from stylist to stylist within the salon for a refreshing change of pace if they want. David emphasized that they can do that because of the team-oriented mentality and personal responsibility for service that each of his stylists encompasses. He educates his staff on this responsibility they have to make each client feel welcomed in the salon, even if they are seeing a new stylist that day.

What pulls it all together and makes David Salon so great is their knowledge and progress they continue to strive for. As a large salon, they take advantage of the opportunity to nurture younger stylists who need to gain experience. They do this by hiring talented assistant stylists who shadow the senior stylists in order to gain experience. This format also helps the senior assistants who are busy with overlapping appointments as well as increases productivity and positive client experience with the constant attention each person receives.

To visit the David Salon, you can make an appointment or stop by as a walk-in during their business hours. As a new client you’ll be set up for a fifteen minute consultation to discuss your styling needs as well as learn how the color system works. Then, you’ll be taken care of by your main hair stylist and possibly an assistant. If you’re having your hair colored, you’ll be led to the “Color Bar” where you can watch hair color being mixed and enjoy a refreshment with other clients while you wait for your hair color to do it’s magic. For more information on David Salon, check out their website or Instagram account where they post about the newest styles and colors they are helping their clients rock!