Dance Lessons Gift Certificate: Top 5 People to Receive

November 30, 2019 by
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These days gifting experiences instead of items is becoming more popular. Memories made during these events are far more valuable than physical gifts. So we wanted to ask you a question today. Who in your life can you gift dance lessons? Who would love a dance lessons gift certificate?

To give you a hint, anyone can enjoy this present! However, we broke it down to the following groups.

Dance Lessons Gift Certificate:

dance lessons gift certificate

Engaged Couples

Anyone that is going to getting married is an excellent candidate to be given wedding dance lessons. The first dance is a special moment not only for the couple, but for the guests too. Once their perfect song has been selected, it’s time to express their love through a dance. There is so much that can be expressed through a first dance because it is not just a normal performance. After spending so much time preparing the wedding ceremony, going over every small detail, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to remind them of their special first dance.

The first dance is a moment that will never be forgotten. It is an incredible opportunity for the couple to take dance lessons and have fun while doing so. They can leave things aside like stress from planning the wedding and dive deep in the connection in between the two. 

Here in Bella Ballroom we specialize in making the best out of wedding dances and helping everyone represent their love story as best as possible in one wonderful dance. What engaged couple wouldn’t appreciate the gift of dance lessons?

Single and Ready to Mingle

If you know any friends that are in a stage of life where they are single – guess what!? Learning how to dance can be a great activity for them. Knowing how to dance in a social environment can absolutely transform their nights into a very fun experience. Dancing will give your friend the opportunity to meet new people, explore new social environments and atmospheres, exercise, connect with their body, release stress, gain confidence, and so much more… 

We teach many single clients that love to save one or two hours of their week for themselves to learn a new activity, to dance and forget about their phones, their problems, their stress and jump into the dance floor. It is a chance to let their body go and be free! 

Learning how to dance is a skill that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Make the best out of their time as a single individual and give them the give of learning new activities! Being single is a fun and beautiful stage my friends. Believe me, learning how to dance is a great decision that they will never regret because it is so much fun!

Someone Attending an Important Event or Vacation

How about somebody that will be attending a wedding, birthday celebration, or maybe going out to a different country where dancing is a popular pastime? Nowadays dancing is almost guaranteed when you go out to celebrate just about anything. No one should be sitting and missing out on fun when everyone is dancing. At some point, music will begin and the dance floor will be open. We want to help them prepare to adapt, improvise, and overcome the dancing challenge. Or how about a person planning a vacation with their friends? An individual planning a trip to Cuba will need to check the weather, pack appropriate clothes, make sure their passport has not expired, and understand that salsa dancing will be a must. Therefore they will need to pack their dance moves.

Come check out our different lesson packages and let’s get your friend ready for that incredible experience. You don’t want your friend to get there, see that everyone knows how to dance, and oops! It is too late because they didn’t do homework! A gift certificate for dance lessons can be a gentle and much-appreciated reminder to be ready!

Your Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad at some point are going to need time for themselves. And that is when the stage of learning new activities begins. Dancing a once or twice a week is an incredible break from their very busy lives. Mom and Dad can transform regular nights into date nights where they can dress up if they’d like, come take a 45 minute dance class with their favorite instructor, learn various dance styles, and then go out for dinner and dancing after class. Dancing will enhance their connection through a recreational activity and can also be used to learn some dance moves for future weddings. There are endless reasons to give mom and dad the great gift of dance lessons in an environment that is not stressful or judgmental!


Last and most importantly, is yourself! If you have always wanted to learn how to dance, but because of time, or being shy, or feeling that you don’t have coordination, or whatever reason the time to let go of those is now! It is always a great time to give it a try. Let your inner dancer come out and enjoy the experience of aligning your physical body, to the beat of music. No one is an expert in the beginning. All levels are welcome, no prior experience is welcome. You will see how after two or three classes you will start relaxing, adapting, and enjoying the dance experience.

It’s time you do things for yourself, it’s time you treat yourself, and you do what you want to do. Dancing is one of those activities you can tell yourself your whole life that you will do it “one day.” Make that day today and give yourself a gift certificate of dance lessons! You won’t regret learning a new skill.

Here at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio we specialize in private lessons so that everyone has a personal instructor observing them, kindly correcting them, and paying full attention to them and the progress that they make in every class. Our mission is to get people ready as soon as possible for them to then take your dance moves out there and enjoy the art of dancing. We have created a fun environment that will keep anyone entertained and learning. What better gift is there than a new experience that can only enrich their life? The first step is to contact us here!