Did you take Dance lessons for your wedding?

June 30, 2011 by
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Brides. com’s Facebook Fan Page recently asked brides and grooms: “Did you take dance lessons for your wedding?” The responses were really interesting and some of them surprised me! I thought I’d share some of my favorite responses below:

CD: Yes, we did lessons and loved it. It’s actually a great bonding time where we got to touch and look at each other for an hour or so. We plan on taking more classes in September. I would recommend it.

DN: omg we didn’t. We just “middle schooled” it as someone said above. I can dance, he can’t. I thought it would be fine but as we swayed, he said “you were right, we should’ve taken some classes. this is boring even to me”. you dont need a big choreographed dance, just take them to pick up a few fun moves!!

RD: Yes..Thank Goodness and we were still BAD…lol.. When your the only ones out on the dance floor its like the song is never going to end Thank goodness its all over!

SL: No but only because we didn’t have that type of reception. And I won’t be have that kind this go around either. It’s nice for those kinds of receptions for couples to take lessons if the don’t already have the moves.

AG: …It has become “our time” during our busy schedules throughout the week. We both look forward to our dance lessons twice a week because it gives us time together…

MW: Not yet, but its on The Do List.