Your First Wedding Dance Lesson – What to Expect

June 5, 2016 by
wedding dance

Couple Enjoys Their Wedding Dance Together

Thinking about going to a wedding dance studio to learn your first dance can be a bit intimidating. One might not know what to expect for their wedding dance experience because generally people don’t take many dance lessons, unless they are a dancer.  Yet there is no need to worry because you are in good hands here at our welcoming dance studio. Bella Ballroom has been The Knots top pick for wedding dance instruction since 2012 and is an award winning dance studio. We are delighted to be considered wedding dance experts.

Our Orange County Wedding Dance Studio offers private dance lessons to ensure personal one-on-one attention with the same professional instructor each time. Because the dance lessons are catered to your needs, your instructor will teach you at a comfortable pace according to your learning style. We ensure a fun and enjoyable wedding dance experience here at Bella Ballroom. Our studio is open seven days a week and we are very flexible with scheduling. We are experts at working with people with little or no prior dance experience and we can guarantee that you will gain confidence for your wedding dance with this experience.

Usually new students get started by coming in for an introductory lesson, which also includes a wedding dance consultation. During this private session, we will sit down with you and discuss exactly what you want for your wedding dance, your song choice, and other details. We strive to gain a complete understanding of what you truly want for your wedding dance so that we can provide that experience for you. After the first part of the consultation, we take you on the dance floor to show you some first dance basics. After dancing for a bit we continue the introductory lesson by creating a game plan to accomplish all of your dance goals. With this in mind it’s recommended that you talk with your fiancé a little bit ahead of time about what you’re looking for in your dance. For example, you may want some big choreography like in the show Dancing With The Stars, with lifts, dips and crazy tricks. Or, you may decide that you want something simpler with settle moves in a loose or free flowing order. Whatever the case may be, we can help you achieve your perfect wedding dance.

Also, before your introductory lesson and consultation it’s great if you already have your song selected. If you don’t, however, I’d suggest that you come into the studio with a few in mind so that we can better help you as well as get a general idea the direction you’d like to go with your wedding dance. If you bring in a song or a few songs ideas, we will be able to to show you ideas and options for what it would be like to dance to each song.  This often helps wedding dance couple’s narrow their song choices down if they are undecided.

New wedding dance students always ask what they should wear and what type of shoes to bring. People come straight from work in business attire, some come in jeans, others come in workout wear. Wear what is comfortable to you and that allows you to move around. When choosing what shoes to wear, we recommend wearing closed toe shoes or at least a shoe that will stay on your foot. We discourage wearing sandals or flip-flops for your lessons. Men can wear any shoes or a dress shoe similar to the shoe they will be wearing on their wedding day. Some of our brides-to-be wear their wedding shoes or heels similar to their wedding shoes to practice in.

I hope this has helped you gain some knowledge and confidence in knowing what to expect before your wedding dance lesson here at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio. We look forward to speaking and meeting with you!

Article by Jacqui