First Dance Lessons Interview with Stephanie & David

June 5, 2016 by
First Dance Couple Stephanie and David

Stephanie and David

For the past six months Stephanie and David have been coming to our Orange County First Dance Studio in preparation for their first dance. I’ve never been so impressed with a couple and their abilities. Stephanie has always had a love for dance and it shows when she performs. Her fiancé, David, came into our studio with no prior dance experience and not knowing what to expect. Now they are both shinning stars and he can definitely hold his own on the dance floor. Their first dance is one of my favorites because it was done to an unexpected and different wedding song and their choreography is phenomenal. Here is a little more about who they are, their wedding plans and their first dance experience here at Bella Ballroom.

Where is your wedding and where are you performing your first dance?

D: Our wedding is on May 21st, 2016.

S: We’re getting married in Temecula at the Villa De Amore.

How did you first meet?

S: We met in high school through mutual friends.

D: We were not high school sweethearts.

Have you been together a long time?

Both: 8 years

What is your first dance song?  Does it have any significance for your first dance?

S: Our wedding song is “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble and it doesn’t have any significance other than the fact that we liked it.

D: We found a song that we liked and the lyrics weren’t bad like some of the other songs out there.

What type of first dance are you working on for your wedding?

S: Foxtrot

Who is your dance instructor?

Both: Anna

What is your favorite part about taking first dance lessons?

S: The teacher! It’s just really fun.

Do you have a favorite move that you’re working on for your first dance?

D: The sweetheart.

S: I like the death drop because it is so dramatic.

What do you find most challenging about the process of taking first dance classes?

D: For me it’s trying to remember everything and the choreography.

S: I don’t know what the most challenging thing is… Getting here on time.

Do people know you’re taking lessons for your first dance or is it a surprise?

D: A few. But it’s mostly a surprise.

S: I keep telling people that he’s getting much better to tease them. (The ones who do know)       

How do dance classes compare to other parts of planning your wedding?

S: Its fun and is the most stress-free part of it all.

D: It’s the only physical thing you can do and we look forward to doing it.

While taking first dance lessons, has it inspired you to take other dance lessons for other styles? Do you want to pursue more?

S: Possibly… If I can talk him into doing more.

What was your first impression coming into the dance studio and what is your impression now? How has it changed?

D: This place has held up its reputation. Being The Knot’s top pick since 2012, which is when I’m sure this place opened.

S: I was excited. I love dancing. I’m just even more excited because he knows how to dance now.

D: I was open to coming and doing a new experience and now I feel more confident.

Do you have any advice for future couples?

S: Choose a song that is different and remember the beginning of the dance lessons doesn’t reflect the final product.

D: Don’t give up on it and buy a lot of lessons so you have them and you have to come in to use them.