First Dance Reality TV Show pilot

November 2, 2012 by
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New Wedding First Dance Reality show! has reported that a new show called, “First Dance” is being created for a pilot run in the UK. The new reality show features two couples competing to surprise their wedding guests with the best first dance ever. In the pilot, which is set to air in the UK this month, world class choreographers will train the couples competing for the £10,000 prize money. Wendy Rattray, creative director for the production group said: “The concept of ‘First Dance’ is brilliantly entertaining and a format we’re sure will be popular in the UK and the US…”

So, does that mean we can watch for this show to air in the United States as well? Very cool! That would makes sense, since “Dancing with the Stars” was first aired as a show in the UK (It’s called “Strictly Come Dancing” over there.) We’re all very excited for this new show and can’t wait to see how it all turns out!