Friar Tux Shop: Prom Attire and Wedding in Orange County, CA

The Aryes Plaza, located off of Bristol Street on the cusp of Newport Beach, CA is a small, but lively plaza sprinkled with gem-like shops. In addition to being the home of a popular coffee shop and amazing sushi restaurant, the plaza can basically act as a one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs! From award-winning Ballroom dance lessons to get you ready to take the stage for your first dance, to wedding dresses, tuxedos, and photography. This plaza in Costa Mesa has it all!

With this blog series highlighting each shop and the people who make it such an extraordinary place, let Bella Ballroom help you navigate the best of the plaza we call home! To start, I took a stroll down the plaza to Friar Tux Shop to chat with the store manager. Desie is a seasoned special events attire professional who prides herself on attention to detail and her connection with clients.

Friar Tux Shop has locations throughout Southern California, but Desie’s shop is unique because of the quality care that she and her team provide their clients. Throughout our discussion, Desie emphasized the importance that her clients’ event vision has on the look she creates for them. By simply asking a few questions to get an idea of venue, food services, and color scheme, she is able to create an entire look in her head. While we did talk a lot about dressing men for weddings, her shop also dresses for other special occasions such as charity events, prom and photo shoots.

Recently, her and her team dressed twenty models in their finest suit- a Michael Kors- for a local Orange County photo shoot! The shop manager commented on the excitement of designing a head-to-toe look for these men and how the amazing the finished product was. Before that, they coordinated an entire groomsmen party who were traveling from China just days before the wedding. Clearly, this team is ready and happy to take on any challenge in order to provide great service to their clients. With all these exciting events happening, you wouldn’t even know that it currently isn’t even Friar Tux’s busy season. Desie says that prom season is easily the stores busiest time of the year and rightfully so as high schools all over California and the rest of the country prepare for their biggest dance of the year!

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No matter what special event you are dressing for, Friar Tux in Aryes Plaza can get you looking your best- head to toe! And whether you have one or more unique occasions to dress for per year, they can help you out every time and even allow you to switch your look up from event to event. Their services include renting completed outfits, which means it’s easy to change your look without needing to worry about measurement changes, tailoring, or out-of-fashion clothing.

If you are interested in seeking services from Friar Tux, here is what you can expect out of your visit. You can visit their website or give them a call to book an appointment, however, if you are on a time crunch they also welcome walk-ins with no scheduled appointment. Once you step into the shop, you’ll be greeted and will have a chance to talk with a styling professional about your event and what you are looking for. You can utilize the many styles they have hanging up around the store to describe what type of look you are imagining. Next, they will take your measurements and gather some styles for you to try on. Once you’ve decided on the perfect look for you, they will place your order and give instructions for pick-up depending on whether you are renting or buying your apparel. The shop is very flexible so you can plan to spend as much time as you need there, but an average appointment will take about thirty minutes from start to finish.

Simply make an appointment or come by the shop; Desie and her team will take care of everything you need to capture the vision of your event. Come take a stroll through Aryes Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA to see all the quality services it’s shops offer!