Fun Wedding Dance in Orange County

March 11, 2020 by
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Hello, Dancers! Today’s topic is going to be very fun. We have put together a compilation of fun wedding dances: Groomsmen Dance, Bridesmaid Dance, First Dance, Father & Daughter Dance, Mother & Son Dance.

Come check out our wedding dance in orange county, we can help you with any wedding dance you have in mind. Whether you want a fully choreographed first dance or if you just want to learn a few steps and a sequence for you to improvise on the big day. If you need help with your father & daughter dance, mother & son dance, groomsmen dance, bridesmaid dance…you name it, we do it all!

Book your first $20 consultation class to have a better idea of how we will work with you here at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio in Orange County!

On that first consultation class, you will meet your teacher, we will listen to your song(s) together, we will give you input, you can ask any questions and voice any doubts that you have. We are super friendly and we work with all levels so there’s nothing to be afraid of. We will have a great time. That first consultation is all about listening to you and making sure that we understand your idea and vision, that we are all on the same page. We will have some time to learn the basics and by the end of the consultation, we will have an ideal game plan to make sure that on the big day you are looking fantastic!

Here are some ideas that we have collected from YouTube for you to start thinking about your own wedding dance!

First Dance

Your first dance can be an upbeat song. You can make it very fun just like this couple did! 

The first dance is about creating a special moment for the two of you, but keep in mind that there will be a crowd watching you. You want to entertain them as well! Selecting a slow song can be gorgeous, but an upbeat song will excite every single one of your guests!

Groomsmen Dance

It’s incredible that we can get together with our friends and put in many hours of practice to create a performance that our partner will NEVER forget! We’re sure these gentlemen had a blast learning this dance together and it is something the guests will remember forever.

Bridesmaids Dance

This is quite an impressive dance! I’m sure the bride and bridesmaids had a great time working on it! We have many couples come here to our studio nervous about dancing for the first time and after a couple of classes, they end up having a blast! So much so that after the wedding they purchase another package and stay with us learning how to dance other styles, making their dance class a nice dancing + dinner date night!

Father-Daughter Dance

This is a VERY FUN dance! If your dad is up for the experience don’t think twice. We can absolutely help with a dance that starts slow and easy with a pretty song that is meaningful for the two of you and then BOOM! We can jump into a fun choreographed father daughter dance where you and dad get silly, bring so much joy to everyone watching.

Mother-Son Dance

This is my favorite mother son dance, WOW! Dances like this really show the special bond between these two. The crowd went crazy and hyped them up the whole time!

This is a once in a lifetime event and you want to have fun! Don’t think twice, come dance with us. Let’s put together fun wedding dances to impress everyone at your wedding!