Groom review for dance lessons on Yelp

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I love when I get reviews from grooms about their dance lessons! Since it’s not all that uncommon for a groom-to-be to prefer to skip that part of the wedding planning, I find it the biggest compliment when they tell me how much they actually enjoyed their dance lessons.

My clients pictured in this post, Omid and Hanieh had lots of fun working on their first dance for their wedding. They danced a Foxtrot and Swing to Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E.” We even added a fun surprise ending dance lift (pictured left.)

I was so honored by Omid’s review for his dance lessons on Yelp, I decided to post an excerpt from it here. Thanks so much Omid and Hanieh and congrats!

From Omid on

As a guy, there was one thing I was hoping my fiance at the time would not ask me to do at our wedding.  In fact, I was convinced the reason guys shy of getting married is the thought of First Dance.

Never-the-less my Fiance got me to go for the first lesson with Jennelle.  For me to get a sense if I liked it or not …. I finally decided to go along.

Working with Jennelle in that first session was such a pleasure and so easy that I looked forward to our next session.  In fact honest to goodness, when our wedding was done and over with and looking back I LOVED one part of the wedding, and it was the First Dance and all our practices with Jennelle leading up to it.

She is so fun, caring, flexible, listens well, understands you do not plan to be an expert in the dance and teaches you what you need to know to just be amazing for your first dance.

We mastered the dance – I actually would come home, get on YouTube and find different moves I liked in Dancing with the Stars and we would go back for next lesson and ask her to add on…. add on … believe that?

She was just amazing – a great experience.  Even if not for a wedding and just for weekend fun, and to learn something great, I really recommend taking lessons with Jennelle.  It will make you feel great about yourself and enjoy your future parties/gatherings knowing how to dance and impress.   Guys – you will love your time – trust me.

Personal Note:  Jennelle – thanks a bunch – you are wonderful and wish you all the best in life and your career.  You ROCK!