Hiring A Videographer For Your Wedding

October 17, 2018 by
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Hiring a Videographer for your Wedding and First Dance:

While wedding photographers have been in business for decades, wedding videographers are becoming more and more popular. Especially if you plan to have a choreographed first dance, having a videographer to capture all your cool moves will be priceless. When looking for a videographer, especially here in Orange County, CA, a few things to consider:

Orange County first dance and video

Capture Your Wedding

Watch some of their other videos of past weddings they’ve worked. Is the quality up to your standards? Do they capture the feeling you’d want for your own wedding video? Some videographers go for a documentary style, and some go for more of a cinematic romantic feel. Documentary or journalistic style videographers will just record things as they occur. A more cinematic videographer will have a more artistic approach. Make sure their style lines up with what you envision. Take their equipment into consideration. Do they use a drone? How do they put together videos for a final product?

What is their specialty? Shooting a wedding means no elaborate camera set ups and no second takes, so make sure they are able to anticipate certain special moments. Will it just be them, or will they have another videographer with them? A second person or stationary camera can help capture every moment. Along those lines, ask them what parts of your wedding they will film. Not everyone will film the cocktail hour, table visits, or photo sessions, so if you want those included, communication is key!

With a videographer, you can watch the moments where your best friend recalls that story of the two of you, see your guests boogying it down on the dance floor, and remember when the ring bearer and flower girl ran down the aisle. Years later, you can watch your wedding and remember everything. Videos capture the laughter, the sweet moments of you talking to each other, squeezing each other’s hands, and most importantly, that big move in your dance that will wow your guests!