History of the First Dance – Lessons in Orange County, CA

The History of the First Dance and Wedding Lessons in Orange County

first dance lessons Orange CountyIn ancient times the First Dance was used to for opening ball ceremonies and other special events by royalty members. This special occasion was led by the guest of honor. The first dance was typically performed by the King and Queen. The First Dance was used to inaugurate all important ceremonies.

We have to go back in time to the days when the groom used to steal his bride and would show off his new wife to his family members and friends by dancing her around the fire before the celebrations could begin. This evolved into the era when marriages would be arranged within both family parties and the first dance would be a sort of fertility ceremony. Whereas now it’s generally considered a romantic moment, an event where families and friends gather together and see the groom and bride unite and showcase their connection, love and understanding. It has become a celebration of love.

In current times, the trends in First Dances are changing once again. Regardless of a couple’s culture, ethnicity, religion or gender, couples can now gather film from various first dances along the history of this event and create their own ideal first dance. The first dance in our times has become a “must” for all couples celebrating unity of their lives.

The meaning behind the First Dance is simple: It is a representation of leading and following one another throughout this lifelong song that groom and bride will dance together.

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