Holiday Dance Lessons Gift Certificate

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Give the Gift of Dance Lessons

Dance Lessons Gift

It’s that time of year again, and we are officially in holiday prime time. December is when we look beyond ourselves and enjoy the season of giving to celebrate our family, friends, and loved ones. Here at Bella Ballroom Dance Studio we’re making giving the gift of dance that much easier with our Holiday gift certificate special. Buy three 30 minute dance lessons for only $159 until December 31st. Not only will you give your loved ones the gift of dance, but you will give the of myriad of benefits that dance lessons bring.

Give the gift of confidence

Working with students at Bella Ballroom for the last year and a half has given me the opportunity to see student’s confidence levels completely transform and evolve. Many students have confessed to me that they experienced near terror when they walked into Bella Ballroom for the first time, but after taking lessons have gained certainty in themselves, in their dance ability, and in their social confidence. So many of these students have even taken advantage of performing in our student showcases, as well as gone out in the social world of dance asked others to dance with them!

Give the gift of community

Bella Ballroom has a very supportive staff and community of students. Our dance parties hosted in studio and dance field trips give our students the opportunity to get to know each other. The friendly team of instructors and front desk staff nurture Bella Ballroom’s community feel and create a very welcoming environment.

Give the gift of good posture

 Students of mine have converted from slouchers to tall poised dancers over the course of working on their dance technique and being a good lead or follow. The best part for me is hearing that students have taken their newfound good posture into their day to-day life. The muscle memory created in dance lessons has the most positive affect on students overall carriage. 

Give the gift of joy

Dancing is fun! One of my favorite parts of being an instructor is being the positive part of someone’s day. Hard workers love coming to Bella Ballroom and leaving anything that may be stressing them at the door. Connecting to music and learning new things has such value on the enjoyment scale. As cheesy as it sounds, I hear laughter and see smiles every single day I teach at Bella Ballroom.

Give the gift of trying something new

Bella Ballroom is the perfect place for non-dancers to try something new and get moving on the dance floor. We specialize in working with beginners, so we are ready to help those wanting to experience dance for the first time. Our new dancers are often surprised upon finding out how much they enjoy dancing and easily get hooked to this new hobby.

Give the gift of a shared experience

Giving the gift of an experience is much more memorable and valuable than a giving a material gift. Consider giving the gift of dance to your partner or a good friend as something you can do together. The holiday gift card special includes three 30-minute private dance lessons for up to two people. Learning how to dance with a loved one a fun experience giving you and your dance partner a chance to create fun memories and learn even more about each other.

Article by Ziva