Honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Congratulations! The big day has finally come and gone and now it’s time for the honeymoon! What a better way to spend your first few days as newlyweds than in the one and only, beautiful, and unique, Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta is located in Jalisco, Mexico. It is home to mesmerizing beaches, one of a kind tourist attractions, and the potential to make unforgettable memories that will remain in your mind for a lifetime.

So yes, it’s decided. You’re going to honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. But now your next question might be, “what are we going to do in Puerto Vallarta?” Fear not! Below you will find a list of a few of the wonders that you will find in Puerto Vallarta.

El Malecón

El Malecón 

You arrive in Puerto Vallarta, get settled in your hotel and now you want to go explore the town. The first place on this list is El Malecón (the boardwalk). Here you can spend the day exploring all of the little shops within El Malecón. You can get your shopping done and buy all of your friends and family gifts from Puerto Vallarta. On the boardwalk, you will also come a cross a variety of different night clubs and bars that you can come back to later that night for some drinking and dancing! You will just find so many different attractions and start to get a feel for the Mexican culture.

Sunday Afternoon Baile at el Malecón

It’s undeniable that El Malecón is one of Puerto Vallarta’s beauties! A secret gem that people may not know about on their first trip to PVR is the Sunday Baile (dance). This takes place across the street from the end of el Malecon. Music is playing, people are dancing, street vendors are selling food, and there are even more opportunities to buy gifts for your friends and family as there are small shops that set up on Sunday afternoons. It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend your Sunday. You get to immerse yourself even more in this beautiful Mexican culture!

La Bodeguita del Medio

La Bodeguita del Medio

Speaking of dancing, be sure too head over to, La Bodeguita del Medio. Here you will find amazing food and drinks, and of course, dancing! At this restaurant, there is live salsa music and everyone is up and dancing! It is truly a fun and memorable environment to be in. If you are worried about your dancing skills, secure your dance lessons at Bella Ballroom in Orange County for some salsa lessons! That way, when you get you Puerto Vallarta, you will dance the night away. You and your partner will be what everyone calls, *goals!*

Parasailing in Puerto Vallarta

Parasailing & Jet-skiing

But now, moving away from el Malecón and moving towards what Puerto Vallarta is most known for. The beach! As soon as you step foot on that sand, there will be local vendors coming up to you asking you if you want to parasail. Pro tip: Say YES! It is such a freeing experience where you feel as though you are on top of the world. Just make sure to put on sunblock! Trust me, you don’t want to learn that lesson the hard way. Also, if heights aren’t your thing, these local vendor can also provide you with a chance to rent a jet ski or a kayak too! Either way, you will have a fun and adventurous time at the beach! 


Quimixto & Las Animas

Next up on this list is Quimixto. Quimixto is a small town near the shores of Puerto Vallarta that you can only get to by boat! Once at this town you can either hike or go horseback riding up to a beautiful and mesmerizing waterfall. There you can eat, relax, and even take a dip in the waterfall. If you go up there, don’t forget to grab a fresh cut coconut! It will refresh you like you have no idea. Once you’re done there, stop by the next town over (another place you can only get to by boat), called Las Animas. Here you will find restaurants on the side of the beach which sell some of the most delicious seafood you have ever tasted! Enjoy the day and enjoy watching the peaceful blue crystal waters! It’s truly a sight to be seen. 

ATV Riding

ATV Riding/Tequila Tasting

Another thing that you can do in Puerto Vallarta is go ATV riding! You can rent out an ATV and go on a guided tour up the dessert where you will be able to see that the only beautiful thing in Puerto Vallarta is not just its beaches but their breathtaking greenery as well! You’ll get to see something other than the beach and get a fuller experience of this amazing place in Mexico. With ATV riding, there are even tours that take you to waterfalls and restaurants where you can get some food, and even do some light tequila tasting before continuing on your adventure! It is definitely not something that you want to miss! 

Rhythms of the Night

Rhythms of the Night

Finally, the last place on this list is one that you cannot miss. You take a boat ride a to a private beach hideaway. On that boat ride, you get to take in once again the beautiful ocean and enjoy the breeze flowing on your face while you reach your destination. Upon your arrival you are greeted with live music and dance all through out. You will have dinner and watch a show like no other. It is a performance that will leave you absolutely captivated. A performance including fire and acrobatic dances with special effects and it is truly one of the best things you can do while on your honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta.

These are just a few of the many wonderful things that the the beautiful Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Whether you just go and relax on the beach or if you participate in the more adventurous activities, the most important thing is that you will be with your partner for life. Whatever you decided to do in Puerto Vallarta, just have fun and enjoy life!