How to Throw the Ultimate Dance Party

September 11, 2015 by
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dance party lightsOn Friday September 11 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm Bella Ballroom will be hosting the ultimate dance party as we celebrate our two year anniversary at our beautiful Bristol Street location. Dance studio owner Jennelle Wax is quite the party planner. I’ve had the joy of participating in the last two dance celebrations she’s hosted at Bella Ballroom including the studio’s one-year anniversary. Although it may have seemed like the parties came together effortlessly, Jennelle’s party planning expertise, knowledge of music and dance, and preparation were to thank for the success of dance socials. She also had the help of a great team including her husband and the Bella Ballroom instructors. The parties have proved to be a great time and a great place for students to practice their salsa, swing, rumba, waltz and other social and ballroom dance moves. Below I share what I’ve observed goes into planning the ultimate dance party.


When planning a dance party, one of the first things one should consider is where it will be held. For a dance party, a venue with enough space for people to dance with a safe surface to dance on is necessary. Temporary dance floors can be built into homes or places where there’s enough space. The floor should preferably be smooth, free of debris and with some buoyancy. (Hours of dancing on cement can lead to unhappy knees!) Also when considering location for a dance party, remember to consider sound factor. Nothing will kill a dance party like not being able to play music loud enough. If the venue has close neighbors, consider checking with them or even inviting them to your party. If you are expecting a lot of guests, making sure there is ample space for parking makes for a smooth arrival. If not, suggest that guests car pool or taxi in.

Date and Time

Picking a good date and time can make or break a dance party. Weekends and evenings are generally when people have free time, but ultimately consider your guests and their schedules. If you’re working with a group that you know have especially tricky schedules, you can use applications like Doodle that help coordinate agendas. Double check that there are no conflicting major events on the same dates you’re contemplating.


Music is one of the most important elements of a dance party! Consider if you will create the ultimate dance party playlist, hire a DJ, or hire a band. What kind of dancing do you want to inspire and ignite on the dance floor? What styles of dance will your guests be excited to do or know how to participate in? Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Bachata, Rumba, Merengue, Country Two-step, Tango? Hip-hop, House, Freestyle? A mix of partner dances, line dances, and solo freestyle dances can make for a fun eclectic dance party with something for everybody. Once you get the music started, don’t be afraid to be the first one to jump on the dance floor. Sometimes guests are shy to be the first one out on the dance floor because they feel like everyone is watching them. Consider getting things started or even planting a few dance friends who are not shy to get up, get dancing, and encourage others to join.

Ambiance & Entertainment

Create an inviting and fun atmosphere with dimmed and colorful lighting. Party decorations can be affordable and really make a big difference in the mood of the celebration. Make sure your space is clean and consider creating a space for guests to safely store their belongings. No one is going to want to dance while holding onto their jacket or purse! For themed parties, encourage guests to dress up in costume. For a dance party, a dance movie, dance genre, or song can inspire the mood of the fiesta. Food and drinks always make for happy dancers. Prepare hors d’ourves that can cater to a variety of taste pallets as well remember those with any diet restrictions. In addition to providing a venue, dance floor, music, ambiance, food and drinks, consider if you’d like to provide any entertainment for your guests. A dance performance may be the perfect fit for the ultimate dance party.   If you’d like to include entertainment or events throughout the night, create a timeline before the party so that everything that will go as planned! Consider recruiting friends to help with all of the details of the event for extra smooth sailing and so you can enjoy the event and dance too!