Importance of Partner Dance Practice

July 18, 2015 by
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practicing for wedding dancing and salsaIt is very important for clients to practice what they have been taught. After all, the famous saying is “practice makes perfect.” Well, in this case we are working towards perfection by making you a better dancer. That can be achieved faster if you practice.

I get very happy when a couple comes into our studio and tell us that they have been practicing because it shows. These couples benefit in the fact that they get to learn new different things. Their dance vocabulary becomes broader. It allows the instructor to help individuals concentrate on the way it looks rather than having to worry about just learning the steps and patterns.

Other benefits of practicing is it leads to comfort. As a dancer, after I practice a routine enough times so that it becomes automatic muscle memory, which allows me to focus on other aspects of the dance, like performing, timing, doing movement the right way, etc.

A lot of people don’t practice for numerous of reasons, either they are too busy or don’t make the time. I’m here to tell you that even visualizing your dance movements and how you want yourself to look while doing it, can help so much. That is the first great step you can take for progress.

When you feel comfortable while dancing, you can fully enjoy it, smiling comes naturally, it relieves stress, and you can fully be in the moment. Whether you’re preparing for your wedding first dance, hitting the salsa club or a night out on the town, dance practice makes perfect!

Article by Jacqui