Inspirational Dance: Gabe Adams

February 6, 2016 by
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Gabe Adams DanceThis week I read an article about an inspirational boy who was born without any legs or arms. Gabe Adams, 17, expresses himself through dance and auditioned for his high school dance team as a sophomore and made it along with 28 girls last spring. Dance instructor, Kim King gave major support to him and already knew of Gabe’s capabilities after he took his modern dance class at Davis High.

At the age of 12, Gabe started teaching himself how to dance. He performed for his junior high talent show and received a standing ovation. An experience he would always remember and fuel him to keep learning everything he could about dance.

Gabe has been diagnosed with Hanhart Syndrome, which is a rare congenital defect where people typically tend to have a small jaw and a partially developed tongue. But this doesn’t stop him. When doing things he relies a lot on his neck, shoulders, and chin. He can write, type, draw, sing, read, climb stairs, swim, pour his own milk, put on his shirt, workout, among other things. He uses a wheelchair to go to school and get to classes in a timely manner, but he prefers to scoot along on his own.

Janelle and Ron Adams who have 13 biological children of their own, all mostly grown now, adopted Gabe. Gabe’s birth mom didn’t think she could care for him, so she gave him up while living in Brazil. Janelle heard about Gabe at a grocery store from a friend and couldn’t stop thinking about the boy. At the end of it all she said it felt right to bring him to Utah to live with them. “We thought we were rescuing somebody and giving him a better life, but in fact, it’s been just the opposite,” adds Ron. “He’s rescued us and given us a better life. Having him around has been so inspiring and motivating. He’s always pushing himself to be the very best he can be.”  They have stood by his side and helped him with his struggles, but they refused to baby him. They pushed him to be the best he can be and challenged him to be independent, have a choice, and have his freedom. It took Gabe one year for him to learn how to walk but he never gave up and kept trying, just like dancing.

Here is a young man who is just like every other young men out there, he has the same hopes, desires, and dreams. He has faced many battles in his life, being bullied among other things, but he has overcome them all. He hasn’t let what some would consider being a disadvantage to hinder him. He encourages and lifts people’s spirits. He has learned how to be happy and continues with a smile on his face. Many of us should take notes and be inspired by this young man. He has found his freedom through dancing. I applaud you Gabe, continue to inspire other peoples lives.

Article written by Jacqui.