Interview with Dance Studio Owner, Jennelle

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Interview with Dance Studio Owner, Jennelle

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I own Bella Ballroom Dance Studio! When I’m not working on the business, you can usually see me dancing (of course,) singing, or acting on stage. I love to perform! I don’t always do it as much as I’d like, but performing is definitely my passion.

Did you always want to open up your own dance studio?

Not at all!

What inspired that?

However, as I was teaching dance, mostly to new dancers and wedding couples, I started noticing that I had a different approach to teaching than many other dance instructors in the area. I noticed that there was a demand for dance instruction that was approachable, fun, and down-to-earth, while also providing great results for clients. At first, it was just me teaching, but as the business grew, I added more dance instructors, and Bella Ballroom was born!

What made you start dancing?

I’m not sure why! I was always drawn to dancing. I took a few dance classes in preschool, then when I was 10, I asked my parents to enroll me in dance classes (jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop and contemporary,) and within a few years I was competing with my dance school.

What style of dance do you do?

I dance many different styles. I teach and dance all of the ballroom dance styles (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz) and Latin (Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Merengue, Mambo, Jive, Hustle) and Swing (Lindy, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing) in the American and International styles (just to name a few.)

Do you do any other type of dance other than Ballroom?

Yes. I dance tap, ballet, a bit of hip hop and can do some pretty awesome throw-back 90s moves.

What is the hardest part about dancing?

The hardest (and best part) about dancing is that there is always more to learn.

What is your favorite type of dance?  

I go through phases. Right now, my favorite style is the Tango.

How would you describe your dance style?

Fun! I think that’s one of the most important parts of dancing to make sure you don’t lose.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Fun, approachable, results-driven!

What benefits has dancing given you?

What hasn’t it given me?! Discipline, sense of achievement, and a career!

What is your most memorable moment? (While teaching or just in general, you can choose)

As a performer, a very memorable moment was producing and staring in a show called, “Trip the Light.” It is a story told through ballroom dance using ballroom and Latin-style recreations of popular songs. It was so exhilarating to really put myself “out there” plus it was a pretty great show that I hope to produce again! 

What have you accomplished?

I think owning my own business is a pretty cool accomplishment!

Any future goals/plans?

Yes, I’d love to keep growing Bella Ballroom.

What is it that drives you?

I feel like at Bella Ballroom we provide a really cool, life-changing experience for our clients. Many of our students have never stepped foot inside a dance studio and probably never would if they didn’t need to learn for a wedding, event or special circumstance. Day after day, clients who may be very hesitant to take dance lessons end up LOVING their experience, and it’s so cool to watch! For some clients, maybe they always wanted to learn to dance, but were too nervous or could never make the time. Every time I come into the studio and see all of the smiling faces, it motivates me to work harder to bring that experience to as many people as I can!

What is important to you?

My family, friends and continuing to grow as a person, artist and business owner.

What other interest do you have other than dancing? (Hobbies, interests)

I love to read and I really enjoy watching my favorite movies and TV shows.

If money didn’t matter, what would you be doing?

Probably the exact same thing! I might travel a little more.

What is your favorite:

Color? Green

Movie? Singing in the Rain

Song? Route 66 (to sing)

Band/Group/Music Artist? Frank Sinatra, JT, Dave Matthews Band, and pretty much most current pop music

Do you watch any sports? If so which ones and whose your favorite team(s)?

Not really. I root for my hometown teams—Vikings, Twins, Wild and Gophers.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Black olive and cheese.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

I’m a hard worker and have pretty good discipline.

Why are you sooo Coool??

Haha, I think I’m actually pretty dorky, lol. But maybe dorky is the “new cool?”

Anything you want to add?

I feel lucky to be able to do what I do everyday!

Article by Jacqui.