Interview with Heather and Chris – Orange County Wedding Dance Classes Couple

April 4, 2016 by
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wedding dance classes interviewAt Bella Ballroom Dance Studio of Orange County, CA, we’re lucky enough to work with many couples taking wedding dance classes for their first dance. Heather and Chris are a great couple at the dance studio who are getting married in just a few short weeks! We sat down with Heather and Chris to find out more about their wedding, their plans for their first dance and their experience with wedding dance classes at our dance studio in Orange County!

Where is your wedding and when are you getting married?

H: Were getting married at Catalina Island in the Casino Ballroom on April 23rd, 2016.

How did you meet?

C: We met on a blind date through my brother in law. I was living in Orange County, and she was living in Arizona and we first started dating long distance for the first year. We’ve been together for 4 years. 

What is your first dance song? Why did you choose it for your wedding? Does it have any significance for your first dance?

H: “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra.

C: We wanted to pay respect to the Venue because it has a 1920 feel to it.

H: It goes with our wedding theme “Art deco Elegance”

What type of first dance are you working on for your wedding?

H: I believe it is a waltz foxtrot.

What is your favorite part about taking wedding dance classes?

C: The fact that it is a huge stress reliever (from the wedding process.) We are able put the cell phones down and focus on each other. It’s like therapy.

H: We leave happier.

Do you have a favorite move that you’re working on during your dance lessons? If so, what is it?

H: The double sweetheart because the song picks up and we have a huge ballroom floor to sweep across. Also the pretzel is really enjoyable.

What do you find most challenging about the process of taking wedding dance classes?

H: Being here and present. Being able to let everything else go and be in the moment.

C: Having her learn to let me lead.

H: Yes, that took a few weeks.

Do people know you’re taking wedding dance lessons or is it a surprise?

C: Oh, people know. We brag about it.

H: We have a bunch of our friends that are also getting married and Chris is really competitive.

What inspired you to take dance lessons?

C: The fear of looking like idiots.

H: It’s just something we’ve always enjoyed.

C: But the fact that we would actually know how to do it would make dancing that much more enjoyable.

H: and you can always do it.

Was one of you hesitant? Or did you both equally want to take dance classes for your first dance?

H: He actually wanted to do it and he was open minded about it. We both wanted to learn how to dance.

How do dance classes compare to other parts/aspects of planning your wedding?

C: It’s the most enjoyable part and it’s lighthearted.

H: Now that we are familiar with the dance, we aren’t stressed and look forward to it.

While taking wedding dance lessons, has it inspired you to take other dance lessons for other styles? Do you want to pursue more?

H: Yes, we plan on taking more lessons after the wedding. I want to learn more Latin styles.

C: Hip-hop. I only have like two moves, I need to expand my moves.

What was your first impression coming in for dance classes and what is your impression now? How has it changed?

C: We were greeted tremendously well. Tayler was able to target our initial abilities and build upon them.

H: She makes us feel really comfortable from right off the bat.

C: Tayler is really good with constructive criticism.

H: And were able to laugh.

Do you have any advice for future couples?

Both: Do it as soon as possible.

C: Keep an open mind.

H: Let it be the fun that it is.