Link Building for Dance Studios

December 28, 2019 by
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Many describe link building as one of the most important parts of SEO but also as one of the most difficult to do. We at Bella Ballroom want to help your dance studio with link building by answering a few basic questions.

Link building small businesses and dance studios

What is Link Building?

Link building is acquiring links from outside websites that lead to your website. This can include websites like Yelp and Facebook but also blogs and articles – as long as they link to your website. Generally, links coming from websites that have content relevant to yours will be considered higher quality. So a really large dance website linking to your website is worth more than one coming from a cooking blog.

Why is Link Building Important?

As we learned from our SEO for Dance Studios blog post, Google values high quality and active websites. Link building shows Google that your website is both. describes a link as: “a vote of confidence about a page”. The other website would recommend your own and trusts your business enough to link to your information. Link building is an incredibly important part of SEO because more high-quality links will show Google you should be ranked higher.

How Do I Build Links for My Dance Studio?

  • Offer to write a testimonial for trusted partners. If you have genuine relationships with local businesses, you can offer to write a testimonial for their website with a link to your website. Perhaps the dance clothing store down the street needs a review from a tried and true dance studio?
  • Update top content for other platforms. Hopefully, you already know what content is doing well on your website. You can “refurbish” that for other platforms like social media or YouTube.
  • Contribute to other local blogs. Especially when it comes to a blog within the dance industry, offering to contribute to their blog can bring in a lot of visitors that you already know are passionate about your field.
  • Create a resource page where you can recommend your partners and perhaps get a link in return or even a simple share of that page. You can list where your clients can find common things they will need or are looking for. Maybe a store with pointe shoes or where to buy a nice tango dress.
  • Support local charities. A lot of charitable events or organizations have a sponsors page where they can link your website. This also includes starting your own dance scholarship which a lot of education websites will link to.
  • Find places where your business is already mentioned and ask them to add a link to your website. You can also set up Google Alerts for your business’s name so that any time someone posts your name without a link, you can ask for that link to be added.

We hope this post has made the task of link building less daunting for your dance studio. SEO and link building is a large topic with a lot to be learned. We always encourage a serious dance studio owner to do their own research to build up their business even more. Good luck with your growing!