Live Music in Orange County

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Photo by Joel Jimenez

Photo by Joel Jimenez

Appreciating Live Music in Orange County

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about appreciating the arts, but I feel that it is important for there to be a supportive community for live music that includes local and non-local artists. Plus how could I be encouraging you to be doing these things without doing them myself?!

This past weekend I was pretty excited about seeing some live music in Orange County. The band, The Strike, I had never heard of before. My friend had extended the invite and I thought it would be a fun new experience. So before we went I decided to listen to two of their songs, which I really enjoyed. Two fun facts that my friend told me before knowing anything about the band was that 1) their song was played at the 2016 Grammys twice. 2) The night before the band had a private concert where a celebrity (aka Justin Bieber) spontaneously showed up and ended up playing with the band. So to say I was pretty excited is an understatement. I mean they must be good if their music made it on the Grammys and the Biebs wanted to play with them, right?

Before I get to how I felt about the experience, here’s a little bit of information on the band. The Strike was founded at the end of 2012 in Provo, Utah. This band consists of six members and is unique due to their dramatic theatrics and musicianship. If I had to classify their music I would describe it as a funk rock pop type-band all mixed into one. The band is lead by Chris Crabb the lead vocalist, who is known for his on stage personality and engaging the crowd in his infectious high energy. They also have a sax and trombone in their band as well, which I thought was very unheard of now a days in this type of music genre. They have many of their own original hits, such as “Atom Bomb” and “Warriors”, but they also play covers to keep the crowd going. The Strike has performed on NBC’S Americas Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars. They have opened for artists such as: Journey, Carly Rae Jenson, Kelly Clarkson, Macy Gray, Lindsey Stirling, among many more.

To say I was impressed is a big understatement. They were phenomenal! I cannot express how much I loved this band; words do not do them justice. It was all do to he energy, music, lights, set up, venue, crowd, interaction between the band members, and the intimate atmosphere etc. Their sound check was remarkable. The band did a cover of “PYT”. We arrived early and were fortunate enough to listen to their sounds check and after they were done I remember turning to my friend and said “that was just their sound check?!” The Strike ended up performing their hit song “Atom Bomb” which became one of my favorites, so I was pleased. They did many more of their original songs as well as adding some new music to the mix. What’s great about a live band is that they can improvise. They don’t always sound like their album, but in a good way, at least for The Strike that is. They play in the moment and with feeling. I thought all the band members put everything into their performances throughout the entire night. The best part about it was that they were having a blast and they were having a blast with us. It was infectious and everything a concert should be.

So once again I encourage you to branch out and go see a local band in town. There is such great live music in Orange County! You may surprise yourself by what you might find. It is because of my friend that I am now a fan girl of The Strike!

Article by Jacqui